HotShots: Easy to Use Screenshot Utility for Windows

As a software reviewer, I often have to make use of screenshots to get my point across. Without an image of the screen, it is very difficult to explain which application or which part of a particular application I am writing about. This is also true for people who are trying to explain a computer problem to a troubleshooter or even people who are simply making a presentation on a computer program. In all of these instances, being able to take screenshots of applications and sharing them is a very important way in which to explain your point.

If you are looking for an application that lets you do this in a simple way on your Windows computer, you should check out a very helpful application called HotShots.

Hotshots 1

HotShots is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with computers that are running the Windows operating system. The function of the application is to let you easily take screenshots of your computer screen. But the application does a lot more than that. You start by downloading and installing the setup file of the application that is sized at nearly 10 MB. Once you do that, you find a window open of the application where you specify the output path of your screenshots. Additionally, you can specify the option to grab the entire screen, grab a particular region, a particular window, grab all windows (across all connected monitors), or grab a freehand region.

Hotshots 2

You can also decide what to do with the resultant screenshot. You can have it saved in the PNG file format or you can have it simply copied to the clipboard.

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Hotshots 3

Another option is to have your screenshot sent right to the editing application. This editing application come with HotShots and offers you a wide variety of editing tools to choose from.

Hotshots 4

Overall, HotShots offer its users a simple yet elegant array of screenshot features to choose from. Whether you simply want to take screenshots and paste them into your project, or take screenshots and then expertly edit them, this application will meet your needs.

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  1. Good software. I was looking for a screen capture software for my new blog. This will suffice my need.

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