Grab Movie Subtitles Right From VLC Media Player

VLC is no doubt the one best video player available on the internet and being open source project, it has evolved a lot in recent years. The best apart of VLC is, its availability for every platform like Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also have VLC media player for Android as well as iOS.

VLC also makes it easy to stream as well as play RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol)  files. The fast hardware decoding and subtitles synchronization makes it #1 media player. Another interesting feature of VLC, which is less known to most users is the ability to grab subtitles of the movie right from the player itself.

VlSub -VLC 3.0.5 Vetinari

Vlsub, nifty tool built right into VLC player allows you to download any subtitles using video hash or video titles from the OpenSubtitles.org, one of the biggest repository of subtitles for movies & tv series in multiple languages.

Search Subtitles VLSub 0.11.0

There are many third party subtitle downloading tools available for Windows, but VLsub makes your task for downloading subtitles even better, turning those tools into redundant. Here is a small guide on how to use Vlsub.

How to Grab Subtitles from VLC Media Player

  1. Launch VLC player and open the video file for which you want to download subtitle.
  2. Click on “View” from the top navigation menuVLC Media Player View - Vlsub
  3. Open Vlsub
  4. Under Vlsub, you have the option to chose the language and perform a search using either by title(name) or hash (video file hash).VLSub 0.11.0
  5. There is also an option for season and episode(series).
  6. If you use Vlsub without playing a video you will get a link to download the subtitles in your browser but the subtitles won’t be saved and loaded automatically.
  7. Search by hash
    It is recommended to try this method first, because it performs a search based on the video file print, so you can find subtitles synchronized with your video.
  8. Search by name
    If you have no luck with the first method, just check the title is correct before clicking. If you search subtitles for a series, you can also provide a season and episode number.
  9. Select one subtitle in the list and click on “Download” button. This will download and save the selected subtitle in the same directory as your video and with the same name as your video file (different extension).
  10. Show config button lets you configure different settings including default subtitle language, remove tags, username password setting for opensubtitles.org.VlSub 0.11.0 Configuration

Please Note: existing subtitles in video folder may get overwritten without any confirmation message.

The only downside of Vlsub is, it uses OpenSubtitles.org website for sourcing subtitles which is known to add its branding within subtitles and serve annoying popup ads. Not many users like that and there is no way to chose your favourite subtitles website within Vlsub

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If you are using older version of VLC and do not have Vlsub then you can get the Vlsub addon and have the same functionality like VLC 3.0.5.



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