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Blogsdna.com founded in 2008 is a leading website on technology. We are the team of young tech-enthusiast committed to create one platform for users where they can find every interesting news on Technology, Internet & Web.

We cover almost all news from Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac to iPhone to Google Android Phones & about every ground breaking new technology. We strive to provide accurate news at lightning speed. We can give you, the reader, the latest news as it happens, and the latest reviews before anyone else. We try to deliver our content in a fresh and insightful way, offering nothing but the highest quality.

We are the team of 7 experienced editors who take their enthusiasm for Internet, Mobile technology, Gadgets & PCs and give it a journalistic twist. We strive to provide readers with in-depth analysis, comprehensive content, and the best aggregated news from reliable sources all around the world.

Our Editors & Authors

1. Sandip Dedhia (Editor in Chief/Founder) Contact: Sandip@blogsdna.com

2. Binoy Xavier (Contributing Editor) Contact: Binoy@blogsdna.com

3. Anurag Upadhaya (Contributing Editor) Contact: Anurag@blogsdna.com

4. Abhinav Prakash (Contributing Editor) Contact: Abinav@blogsdna.com

5. Jordan Kahn (Contributing Editor) Contact: Jordan@blogsdna.com

6. Umar (Contributing Editor) Contact: Umar@blogsdna.com

7. Nicholas Tarnowsky (Contributing Editor) Contact: nicholas@blogsdna.com

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Blogsdna.com respects, and is committed to protecting its users privacy. You can read more about over Privacy Policy here.

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  1. RE: How to Change DELL BIOS Splashscreen Logo on Dell Laptop

    The link to the zip file on this page is not working. I have a Dell G7 7588 can you provide a utility that will allow me to change the logo?

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