How to Access Ubuntu Partitions from Windows with ‘DiskInternals Linux Reader’

If you have Ubuntu and Windows installed on your computer, then I suggest you get ‘DiskInternals Linux Reader’ right away. Here’s why:

My day job is a of a web developer using Ruby on Rails. People who know what that is, can correctly assume that I develop using a Linux machine. But I have only one laptop and my Windows was too dear to me to depart with. So what did I do? I installed Ubuntu and Windows on my laptop – Ubuntu for all my dev work and Windows for games, PC app reviews, and the regular stuff. Today I downloaded an episode of one of my favorite television shows, Game of Thrones; at the time I was logged into Ubuntu. The media file got saved in my Ubuntu drive and when I restarted my PC into Windows, I could no longer access the file. This is something that simultaneous users of Windows and Ubuntu are painfully aware – you cannot access your Ubuntu partitions from within your Windows operating system. This is because the partition formats used by Ubuntu are unsupported by Windows.

To save myself from the ordeal of restarting my computer into Ubuntu, I did a quick internet search and came across the app which this review is for: DiskInternals Linux Reader.

DiskInternals Linux Reader 01

DiskInternals Linux Reader is an excellent piece of freeware that comes for the Windows OS. Once you download and install this nifty application, it searches your drives for any Ubuntu partitions. The entire drive partitions are subsequently displayed within the application. Your Ubuntu drive will most like be the first one: the one with the ‘/’ sign. You can open this drive and navigate to any folder that you want. Contained folders and files are quickly displayed in the app’s view, along with their names, document type, and file size.

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DiskInternals Linux Reader 02

By right-clicking a file and selecting the Save option from the context menu, you are able to choose a location on your Windows drive where you can copy that particular file (this is what I did with my Game of Thrones episode). There is a Preview option as well but its results are not what you would accept. In other words, if you want to view or copy a file, you should stick to the Save option.

DiskInternals Linux Reader 03

With the file saved, you are able to conveniently open it from the Windows interface, like you would any other application.

DiskInternals Linux Reader 04

In this simple way, this little application lets computer users access their Ubuntu partitions from their Windows OS. The app’s developers offer various other tools too; these can be accessed from the Tools menu on the application.

You can get “DiskInternals Linux Reader” from here.



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