Fly Photo Editor Touch Up your Photos before you Share on Facebook

Today Facebook has become a part of day to day activities in our life. People share all their life events, world happenings and pictures in their Facebook account. The real social networking has emerged only after Facebook came into existence. Today you can easily find anyone on Facebook using their details. It has created a great platform for webmasters, bloggers and many web entrepreneurs to promote their business. Facebook has an option to upload unlimited pictures and videos in the user account. Since Facebook has got a cloud storage, people use that as a backup as well as a platform to share the photos with their friends and family members.


Fly Photo Editor is an extension for Chrome, which lets users to edit their photos before they post on Facebook. Everyone loves to get more likes for their picture also they want to look good in the photographs. Though we have plenty of applications on the Smartphones and computers, it will be pretty easy if we have an embedded editor in our browser. Fly Photo editor is a one such app for Chrome which lets users to edit their photos instantly.


Once you install the application in your browser it will create an option called “Fly Editor” on your Facebook account. It will appear on the uploading panel of your photo albums. Before you make the photos visible to the public you can edit the photos right from there. Fly Photo Editor has an excellent set of options to edit your photographs. You can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation also it has some advanced set of options like saturation, tilt shift styles and color splashes on your photographs.

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Fly Editor has an inbuilt filter which gives Instagram style vintage effects to your photographs. Instead of posting a rough image, you can use this extension to give a great look to your photographs. Also on Facebook this will add some more likes to your pictures. There is no separate export option available on this extension to save the photographs. If you want to save the edited photos on your local machine, you need to do it from your Facebook albums.

This extension will be very helpful for people who save plenty of pictures on Facebook. Instead of searching for a photo editor, you can do it right from your Chrome browser. Hope you will love this extension and don’t forget to this one on your browser. Also share your experience with us in the comments.

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