10 Ways to Unblock Youtube Videos in 2022

Unblock Youtube

Blocked Youtube should not worry you anymore, as there are a number of ways available to easily unblock Youtube. Youtube is blocked in more than over 20 countries across the globe due to various reasons. It is also banned in official places, educational places and other government offices in many regions. In some places, only specific contents of the site are blocked. Initially there was not any option to access blocked youtube or content, but now-a-days unblocking youtube is just a click away! below is 2019 guide to unblock Youtube and enjoy videos anywhere in the world.

Ways to Unblock Youtube Videos

  1. VPN
  2. Web proxy service
  3. Downloading Youtube videos to watch it later
  4. Web browsers to open blocked YouTube
  5. Browser Addons to Open Youtube when its blocked or banned
  6. Other Methods to Open Blocked YouTube (Google Translate)

What is Youtube?

Youtube is the world’s best video sharing and viewing website. Via youtube, users can watch, like, comment, share, subscribe and even upload their own videos. It even has its own app now, which is compatible on all platforms and smart devices.

Learn how to play AV1 videos. Check these best Youtube apps for Windows 10 to watch Age restricted Youtube videos without the need of signing into account.

Why Youtube is Blocked or Banned

Youtube is banned in various countries across the globe due to different reasons. Some of the reasons for blocking youtube are listed below:

  • Countries with strict censorship policies block youtube to prevent their people from watching inappropriate contents
  • To avoid public from watching contents which might ignite social, political or economic tensions
  • To prevent the violation of different laws such as Intellectual property laws etc
  • Work places, schools, organizations, universities, colleges ban youtube from preventing their students from watching inappropriate contents
  • To prevent people from watching contents which do not meet community standards or which might be a threat to national security

Looking for the way to watch age restricted YouTube videos?

on Windows 10 you can use Youtube Apps to open blocked Youtube.

How to Unblock Youtube Videos

Out of all the options, following are 6 chosen ways, which can help you in easily unblocking your youtube and enjoy its contents:

  1. VPN

What is VPN:

VPN or Virtual Private Network is considered as the most secured way of unblocking youtube. VPN allows users to hide their original IP addresses, and provide them a disguised virtual IP address. It also hides surfing time and history thus providing complete privacy to the users.

How VPN helps to unblock youtube videos:

As VPN provides the users a virtual IP address, thus it appears as if youtube has been accessed from a different location. By following the below mentioned simple steps, you can easily unblock youtube using a VPN:

  • Choose the correct VPN software which meet the requirements of the website you are trying to access
  • Install the VPN software on your device
  • Connect to the target server and enjoy unlimited access to youtube

What to look for when selecting VPN for unblocking Youtube:

A few things to be kept in mind while choosing a VPN for youtube is security factor, no. of servers available as it plays a great role in the speed of the VPN and compatibility in different platforms. Speed is very important for streaming the videos otherwise it might lead to a frustrating experience.

Best VPN to Open Blocked Youtube

Some of the best VPN softwares of 2019 for unblocking youtube are as follows:


A very highly secured and encrypted VPN. It is among the top choices from users across the world.

ExpressVPN to Unblock Youtube

Pros Cons
Highly secured and encrypted Expensive compared to other VPN providers
Offers unrestricted access to youtube Limited settings and configuration
Wide range of servers to choose from Customer support only through chat or email.
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers

Editor NOTE:- If you are okay with limited settings and have a high budget, this VPN will be perfect choice keeping in view its reliability and performance

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This is considered as one of the most powerful VPNs offering over 200000 IP addresses. Available in attractive prices, it provides a good balance between speed and security.

VyprVPN Official Website Best VPN Provider for a Private Internet

Pro Cons
Provides unique features and services Slow customer service
Activation process is simple and straightforward Speed is very slow while downloading high quality videos
Very secured and reliable Limited number of servers

Editor NOTE: Although this is highly secured and reliable, speed can create a very frustrating experience. If you are okay with occasional slow speed, then you can definitely go ahead with it.


Available in more than 60 countries with over 1000 servers. It is compatible with almost all operating systems and supports all major VPN protocols.

IPVanish The World's Best VPN Service

Pro Cons
Available Windows, Mac OS, Android, and IOS Total anonymity is not guaranteed
Easy and starightforward interface Past record of privacy breach
Wide range of settings and configuration Slow customer support service
Torrenting is allowed Plans are comparatively expensive

Editor NOTE:- Although it offers certain good features and also claims for total anonymity, yet if a better option is available at the same rate, then the same should be preferred over this. Security should always be the first concern while picking any VPN.


This VPN is available in over 60+ countries, and has a huge good number of servers. It provides a high speed connectivity.

Get CyberGhost VPN

Pro Cons
Fast and robust network Comparative expensive than its rivals
Wide range of servers to choose from User-interface issues have been reported
Highly secured and reliable

Editor NOTE:- If your budget is high, then this could be a great pick given its benefits. Their interface is little tricky but that is not a very big concern once you are used to it.


This VPN is considered to be best for users with multiple connections. With its help, you can combine multiple Internet connections for ultimate speeds.

Speedify - Channel Bonding, Link Aggregation, and VPN Solutions

Pros Cons
Highly reliable Customer support through ticket system only
Fast speed and performance Can be used simultaneously only on 2 devices
Easy and clean user interface Low server count
Compatible in multiple platform Blocked by netflix

Editor NOTE:- Given its pros, it can definitely be a good VPN option. But low server count might make the connection slow and difficult.


HMA VPN Service Unblock Websites with Hide My Ass

Pros Cons
Reliable and secured Very slow connection
Uses latest OpenVPN protocol and encryption options Slow customer care services
High server count Chances of potential dangerous files getting downloaded with their installation
Compatible in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It collects log files thus collecting your private information
Easy and straightforward user interface Problems with Netflix streaming

Editor NOTE: Though it is reliable VPN, yet its cons seem to outweigh the pros, thus making it not a very preferred choice.


It is new in the market as compared to other popular VPNs. Yet it offers a wide range of attractive features. And, it is soon becoming a favorite VPN service provider because of its reliability and ability to bypass geo-restrictions.

BulletVPN Home Page

Pros Cons
No log policy. Expensive plans
Offer 5 VPN protocols Offers very less servers compared to other VPNs
Reliable, fast and secure
Friendly and efficient customer support team

Editor NOTE: Expensive plans might detter many from opting for BulletVPN but if reliability is your first concern then go ahead with this VPN


This is a very strict “no logs policy” VPN coupled with strong encryption technology.

NordVPN Best VPN Service Provider #1 Editors' Choice

Pros Cons
Easy and clean user-interface Slow speed during busy hours
Strong encryption Lacks diversity in the server options
No log policy No customer support via phone
Offers 24*7 customer support
Additional privacy features
Comparatively cheaper

Editor NOTE: Given it advantages, it can be a good choice at a cheap and affordable rate.

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 Are VPN safe to use for opening Youtube: There are certain free VPNs, which can be very unsafe for the user’s privacy. They allow third parties to access to your personal data and can use them for illegal purposes. They can even keep a track of all your content, your original IP address, surfing history and so on. They can even distribute your IP address to others.

Free or Paid Which VPN to go for blocked Youtube. Although both free and paid VPNs can help you in unblocking youtube, but your security and privacy is an important factor to be kept in mind. A paid VPN will safeguard your private information and keep them secured.

Does VPN also helps in opening blocked youtube on Android and iOS: Some VPNs unblock youtube only on PCs whereas some unblock it on both android and IOS. It depends on the type of VPN you are using. You can search for the required VPN in the Internet and use it to unblock youtube on any device. However, care should be taken while choosing the same keep in mind the security and privacy factor.

  1. Web Proxy Service

What is proxy service: A proxy server is a software system running on a computer that acts as an intermediary between the computer, and another server from which a service request is made. It is basically a gateway between the user and the Internet.

How proxy service can unblock Youtube?  When a proxy server is used, the service request made on the Internet passes through the proxy server and the request again comes back through the proxy server. Before forwarding the request to the end user, the proxy server can make various changes to the request. This property of proxy servers helps them make blocked content accessible. They also change the IP address making the user inaccessible.

Best Proxy Services to open blocked Youtube: Some of the most used and popular proxy sites are as under:


ProxySite com - Free Web Proxy Site

Proxysite is a website in which you can simple feed in the youtube URL link and access the desired video. It also supports other social media websites. It has very user-friendly interface. This site also allows the users to control cookies, javas, add-ons on the page.


Unblock YouTube Proxy - GenMirror free SSL Web Proxy

Genmirror is also a very popular proxy site. The best thing about this site is that it is compatible with android and IOS too. It has advanced SSL technology keeping the users safe and protected.


FilterBypass - Your Anonymous Proxy

This site is suitable for videos only. It has SSL encryption making it a very secured proxy website.

  1. Download Videos to Watch them later

One other way of watching youtube videos is by saving and downloading the videos for later. This way you do not have to watch it online. There are different softwares and websites, which can help you in quickly downloading youtube videos.

Tools/online sites for downloading Youtube Videos: A few online sites/tools for converting youtube videos are listed below

Apowersoft Online Video Downloader: IT is a website which helps you in downloading the youtube video simple by providing the URL link. It allows you to choose the video format and resolution as well.

Clip converter:

YouTube to MP4 MP3 Converter

This is yet one another good website for converting youtube videos in different formats. This website also has plugins which could be installed in your PC/laptop to download videos every time you come across a good one without visiting the site again and again.


Download Video and Audio from YouTube

y2mate is one more such website which helps you in easily downloading videos, even the 720p resolution videos. It also provides the facility of fast conversion of videos to different formats. Moreover, this site has no ads, which makes its use very satisfying to the users.

Apart from these, there is an wide range of options of youtube converters available in the Internet. These sites are very easy to use and free of cost as well. Also, you have the option of saving the videos in your system and viewing it later, whenever you please.

  1. Web Browsers to open blocked Youtube

Youtube can also be accessed with the help of following web browsers:

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Torproject to Open Blocked Youtube

TOR is a web browser, which helps the users in maintaining anonymity while browsing any website. It does so by hiding the user’s identity and IP address, thus making it impossible to track the physical location of the user. It also hides the details of the sites you have visited from someone who is monitoring your Internet connection. Thus it also helps you in accessing youtube’s block contents without disclosing your identity and location. It is available on android, IOS, windows and compatible with all smart devices.

Opera browser

Opera Browser Faster, Safer, Smarter Web Browser Opera

Opera is one another well known and reliable anonymous web browser available in all operating systems of smart devices. This browser comes with built-in VPN. In order to enjoy the anonymity, the VPN protection has to be switched on in settings. It could be turned on and off depending on the requirements. Thus, you do not have to install any additional software/app.

  1. Browser Addons to Open Youtube When it is Blocked or Banned

Browser add-ons or extensions are minute softwares, which help you in customizing the web browser. They come with different features such as modifying user interface, blocking ads and pop ups, managing cookies and so on. Some web add-ons also help user in accessing blocked sites and videos. Following are some of the best plugins for unblocking YouTube:

Proxytube: This plugin is available only for firefox browser. Before viewing any blocked website, you can simple change the geographical location in settings and access the blocked website.

ProxTube - Unblock YouTube – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US)

Stealthy: This plugin in compatible with google chrome browser, which helps you in easily accessing restricted websites (including youtube) without revealing your geographical location.

Stealthy Chrome Extension to Unblock Youtube

Hola: Hola is a combination of VPN and plugin. It helps you using any random geographical location to access blocked websites.

Hola For Google Chrome

  1. Other Methods to Open Blocked Youtube

Google Translate method: Google translate method is a very unique and easy way of viewing blocked youtube. As the name itself suggests, it helps you in translating the link to different language and thus making it appear as if it is being viewed from a different location. IT is done by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit https://translate.google.com/and Feed the Youtube URL link
  • Translate it to a different language and again re-translate it to English
  • Use the translated link to access blocked Youtube content

Which will be the best way for accessing blocked or banned Youtube?

Each option has its own pros and cons; hence it would be difficult to term one as the “best option”. Different users have different needs and requirements when it comes to viewing blocked Youtube, hence the selection of the process would depend those needs. There a few other factors as well like location of the user, affordability, duration of use, quality of internet connection and so on, which play a significant role it making the right choice. The location of the user might not support the use of a certain websites or software, in such a situation the other options have to be picked. Same way, the price may be an issue for a few which makes the web browsers or youtube converter the apt pick. Thus, the user should decide the best way depending upon his/her needs and requirements.

Final Words: After reviewing different ways of unblocking youtube, we have put forward the best options keeping in view the factors like security, ease, availability and convenience. You need not keep surfing the Internet everytime you need to open youtube when it is blocked. Just choose any of the above-mentioned methods to unblock YouTube and enjoy an un-interrupted YouTube experience any where you go.



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