Periodically Change Desktop Wallpapers Automatically across Multiple Monitors [Windows]

When you log onto Windows, the desktop wallpaper is the first thing you see before your icons show up or even before ‘explorer.exe’ loads up. The desktop wallpaper then remains in the background throughout the course of your computer usage. You get to view the wallpaper perhaps the most out of all of your computer elements. For these reasons, it is important to have a desktop wallpaper that is refreshing and new – something that you do not get tired of looking at.

Unfortunately, whatever wallpaper you choose, it is bound to get boring after a while. You could manually change the wallpaper periodically but most users do not bother to do so. Here to help them is an excellent freeware that automates the process; this freeware is called “John’s Background Switcher.”

John's Background Switcher 01

John’s Background Switcher is a desktop application that is compatible with Windows computers. The app’s setup file is sized at nearly 2 MB. Once you have installed the application, you can open it to select the source folders of your wallpapers.

John's Background Switcher 02

In the default list of source folders, you can add more source through a menu that is present in the top right of the application. Not only can you add offline folders, but you can also add online sources such as photos from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, 500px photos, and more. The ability to fetch wallpaper images from online sources is one of the most noticeable differences between this app and Windows 7’s built-in periodic wallpaper-changing ability.

John's Background Switcher 03

Once you have specified the source folders, you can pick the time duration after which the wallpaper image is changed. You can choose various durations ranging from 10 seconds to 7 days.

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John's Background Switcher 04

You can also set the type of wallpaper frame for the desktop images. For example, you can have the images stretched to the desktop, centered on the screen, arranged as a Polaroid pile, arranged as postcard pile, and more.

John's Background Switcher 05

One of the application’s best features is its various solutions to handle wallpapers on multiple connected monitors. The user has the option to have the same image as wallpaper on all monitors, have a different image on each monitor, one picture on the entire desktop, or just have one image on one monitor.

John's Background Switcher 06

Overall, “John’s Background Switcher” is a nifty desktop customization utility that keeps your desktop look fresh and new, regardless of how long you are using your computer. To make things even better, the app is extremely light on your system’s resources.

You can check out “John’s Background Switcher” over here.



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