How to Fix Downloading Proxy Script Chrome Error

Are facing downloading proxy script issue on Google Chrome? Continue to read to learn how to fix it.

Despite being #1 browser, Google Chrome isn’t perfect, not just crashing and freezing issue, but users has been reporting errors like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Another prominent issue faced by majority of Chrome users is downloading proxy script in which you can see the chrome attempting to load a webpage while text at the bottom left corner reads “downloading proxy script”.

What Causes Downloading Proxy Script error?

Usually this error is associated with proxy setting, when your pc is configured to open your websites through a proxy and proxy server fails to make connection or open required sockets to pass the request to the web server which in turn results in permanent loading of requested website.

How to Solve Downloading Proxy Script issue in Chrome

Solution 1: Restart your PC and check your Internet Connection

If you haven’t do it yet then try to close and open the chrome first of all. If it behaves in the same way then restart your pc. Confirm your internet connection by running it on any other device. If you still get this issue then proceed to the next method.

Solution 2: Clear Browsing History along with Cookies and Cache

Clearing browser history and its cookies and cache can also solve the problem because they save third-party resource files in your browser which can result in some problems. To do this, follow the procedure given below.

  1. Open Chrome Browser and click on its menu button then move your cursor on More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data.Chrome clear browsing history
  2. In the time range dropdown, select All Time and check the boxes of history and cookies and cache as shown in the screenshot and click on Clear Data to Proceed.clear cache cookies and history
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Solution 3: Reset Google Chrome settings

Due to unexpected changes in Google chrome settings, it can result in the problem you are experiencing. Reset google chrome settings to see if the problem gets solved.

  1. Click on the menu again as you did in the earlier step and go to Settings.Chrome settings
  2. Now click on Advanced and select the option Restore Settings to their original defaults.Reset google chrome settings
  3. You will be asked for confirmation click on Reset Setting and default settings will be applied to your browser.

Reopen the browser and see if it works well. If it is not, then go to further step.

Solution 4: Remove unwanted Extensions

Google Chrome extensions which are associated with network belt could also become the cause of many problems in a browser and chrome is not an exception for this. Remove the extensions which are no more useful for you or you think unwanted. To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the menu button in chrome and move the cursor on More Tools then click on Extensions.Google Chrome extensions
  2. You will see all the installed extensions in the next window. Remove unwanted extensions and check if the error comes again.Remove Chrome Extensions

Solution 5: Disable Automatically Detect Settings option

When you allow automatic settings to your browser it will work without settings which you set manually. This setting is made for Internet Explorer but used by all of the browsers in your pc. To change this setting, just follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and click on the Menu icon given on the top right corner of its window.
  2. Now click on settings option and settings tab will be opened.
  3. Click on advanced option now.
  4. Click on Change Proxy settings.Chrome Proxy Settings
  5. You will see a new window opened with your browser (as shown in screenshot)
  6. Go to its Connection Tab and click on LAN settings.
  7. Uncheck the box given before Automatically detect settings option.Disable Automatically Option
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Check for the issue now. If it still appearing then follow the method given below.

Solution 6: Open your pc in Safe Mode

Safe mode opens your pc with some basic settings and driver which are mandatory for your pc. It is just to confirm the thing that is it a problem caused by any third party program or not. If chrome works well in safe mode then you have to find out and remove suspicious software.

  1. Press Windows+R buttons together and type msconfig in Run command.
  2. Click on Boot tab and check the box before Safe Boot option.Windows 10 Safe Boot
  3. Click on apply changes and let your pc restart.

Solution 7: Allow Google Chrome through Windows Firewall

It could be Windows Firewall who is not allowing google chrome to perform its functions. When you allow google chrome from the firewall, it will run without restrictions and this can also solve your problem.

  1. Open Windows Defender Firewall, Search for this term in search bar given if you have windows 10.
  2. Click on the link given on the top ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall’.
  3. You will see a list of all the installed program, go to chrome.exe and allow it by marking all the checkboxes (as shown in the screenshot)Allow Chrome Through Firewall

Solution 8: Disable Hardware Acceleration

This is an advanced feature to enhance the efficiency of programs using computer hardware when needed. This feature could also result in helping google chrome to misbehave sometimes.

  1. Go to Chrome>Menu>Settings>Advanced and click uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.Disable Chrome Hardware Acceleration
  2. Click on Relaunch to apply the changes.
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Google Canary (A Best Alternate to Google Chrome)

Google has launched a more cuspid and featured browser best suited for developers. It is an experimental browser but has fewer bugs and issues than any of the browser available. Try it if you want more precise browsing experience.



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