Send Email Attachment Files of Any Size with Existing Email Account using Podmailing

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If you are using any free email service like Gmail or Yahoo then you will certainly have restriction of maximum size of attachment that can send across with your email. Even Corporate or employer Email ids have restriction on email attachment size limit.

How many times you have faced situation where you need to sending big file or document with your email whose size is more then your email attachment limit. Here is solution to bypass your email attachment limit (Restriction), Podmailing is freeware ultimate super size e-mail attachment software which lets you to send files of any size with your existing e-mail account.

Features of Podmailing email attachment application

· You can send your podmails with an extra security layer with Podmailer’s built-in encryption
· You can now choose between attaching a single file and a whole directory
· We added an info panel giving your podmails status
· Podmailer can be minimized to tray
· Your express podmails uploads start faster than ever
· All podmails can now be opened with standard Bittorrent clients.
· Bypasses e-mail attachment limits without clogging user’s inbox
· Accelerates downloads of big files thanks to the Peer-to-Peer technology
· Uses your existing e-mail address and e-mail account
· Can be used as a BitTorrent client

Screenshot of Podmailing 0.11.0 Beta (Send Big Email Attachments)

Podmailer Email Attchments

Download Free Podmailing 0.11.0 Beta to Bypass Email Attachments Limit & Send Big files with your email id.

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4 thoughts on “Send Email Attachment Files of Any Size with Existing Email Account using Podmailing”

  1. Actually LeapFILE’s Outlook Plugin would allow users to send large email attachments with existing email accounts. Also it comes with enhanced security features such as audit trail trakcing, email notification, user authentication and end to end encryption. Not only does the plugin work seamlessly with either your Outlook or Thunderbird, but you would also have the peace of mind knowing that the integrity of any information on your files would not be compromised.

    Check out more on the website here:

  2. Hi,
    Very good package. One my client was facing a mail problem. He was not able to download a file which is more than 8MB in his outlook. How this can be resolved in outlook. I hope this one will find him a solution for it.

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