Android: Find out which application is accessing your personal data with MyPermissions

If you don’t know, Google recently made a change to the way it handles permissions on Google Play Store. Previously, users were notified if any new permissions were added after an app update via the Google Play Store. But now, a user will only be notified that there’s been a change if a new group is added and permissions can be added without their knowledge. Because of this new policy, a developer can grant themselves new permissions of your phone without you knowing anything about it.

What we recommend is, take 2 minutes of your time and install MyPermissions on your phone. MyPermissions is a free application that has the ability to scan your major online accounts and your phone and can see which applications are accessing your personal data.


After installing the app, scan your phone. MyPermissions will thoroughly scan your phone and list out how many apps have access to your personal data and which type of permissions they have. From there, you can uninstall the app, mark them as trusted or can even report them. Remember, the “Revoking” permission option will simply uninstall that particular application.


With MyPermissions, you get 24 hours protection, get alerts when apps gain access to your private info, and confirm your authorization or revoke permissions immediately.

Download MyPermssions

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