Gmail: How to know if your email has been read or not

There are times when we want to know if the person has read the email we sent them. As most of us know that Whatsapp, popular messaging app’ has the ability to notify us when the other user is online and has read our message (with green double arrow icons ??). MailTrack for chrome does the same but for Gmail.

MailTrack is a small Google Chrome based extension that gives you the ability to find out when your emails were read. Here’s how it works. Install the extension from Google Chrome store for free and sign in to your email account.


After that you’ll need to grant the app permission before it can access your email account. That’s about it. It’s time to test. I have (of-course) more than 2 email accounts at Gmail. I sent an email after installing MailTrack to my other account.


After it was sent, I tested it by going into my sent mail tab. A new option was added beside every email I’ve sent, the ?? icon. On mouse-over, it showed ‘last mail not opened’, which of-course was right since I didn’t opened it from my other account.

But as soon I signed in my other Gmail account and opened it, the arrows turned green.


So yes, it definitely works. Remember, emails sent before installing MailTrack won’t give you any statistics. Anything sent afterward will be tracked.

With MailTrack, you can

  • Avoid misunderstandings: check if your e-mails have been received
  • Friends: coordinate better with them
  • Family: make sure your loved ones are well
  • Peace of mind: avoid impatience when waiting for answers
  • Commercial objectives: verify if there is interest in your products
  • Job search: find out if a company reviewed your resume
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Download MailTrack from Google Chrome Store



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