5 Best Web Apps to Backup and Organize your Images and Videos

The higher resolution smartphones and digital cameras have considerably increased the storage for images in our devices. So, it’s become mandatory to back up and organize our images in some other storage medium. Cloud storages are one of the best options for that. There are plenty of image hosting services, which offers unlimited cloud storage for free users to back up their images and videos.


If you are looking for a good image hosting service to back up your images, then this article is for you. I’ve hand picked some of the best cloud services available online to organize your images. The list is as follows.

Google Photos

In the recent Google I/O conference held earlier this month, they detached Google Photos from the Google+ social network and announced it as a separate Photo cloud service with unlimited storage. You can save both images and videos in the cloud storage. Images up to 16MP will be saved in original resolution and images above that will be saved in high quality. Apart from the storage, there are plenty of features introduced on the web app to quickly search and enhance your images.



Flickr is one of the well known image hosting services, which offers 1TB of cloud storage for free. After Yahoo acquired the web app, it is completely revamped to a new design and plenty of new features have been added. It is mostly used by photography professionals, to showcase their images in full resolution. Unlike other cloud services, Flickr will not compress your media files. All the images and videos you upload will be saved in original resolution. The photos and videos you upload will be saved in private mode by default. Also, it lets you share albums with your friends and family members.

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Shoebox is a clean and clutter free web app to backup and organize your images. If you are looking for an alternative to your current photo cloud storage, then Shoebox is worth giving a try. It offers unlimited storage for images and fifteen minutes of video storage for free users. Similar to Google Photos, images above 10MP will be saved in high quality, not in original resolution. So, if you want your pictures to be stored in original resolution, either you have to purchase their premium plan for $5 per month or you’ve to choose alternatives like Flickr. Apart from unlimited photo storage, premium users will get 10 hours of video storage.



Smugmug is a professional image hosting web app, where you can save, organize and sell your photographs. It is a premium web application, which comes with a 14-day trial period. It lets you create your own website inside Smugmug and use that as your portfolio to showcase your images. Building a website inside Smugmug is dead simple. Layouts, Menu and all the necessary items will be available on the editor, all you have to do is, just drag and drop them to build your website. If you are looking for a professional cloud service for your Photography business, then Smugmug is worth giving a try.



500px is one of the best platform for Photographers to showcase their works. It is a premium photography community, where users can follow and interact with their fellow photographers to learn more. Also, it let you assign license for your photographs and sell them online. After you sign up with 500px, you will get a 14-day trial period with all the premium features. Once the trial period is completed, free users cannot upload more than 20 photos per week. Premium users will get unlimited upload and much more features based on the plan they choose. If you want to build a portfolio for your Photography business, then 500px is a best choice.

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If I’ve missed any of your favorite image hosting site, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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