How To Automatically Upload and Organize Email Attachments in different Cloud Services 

Though we have plenty of File Sharing Services available on the Internet, still Emails are the one of the most convenient tools for communication and file transfers. People who use emails for most of their work, will definitely have a lot of attachments in their mails. Previously, I wrote about PDF Convert application to quickly convert your Gmail attachments into PDF documents and about Kloudless to instantly upload your Gmail attachments into your favorite Cloud Services.


Today I’ve come with a similar web application called “OneBox”, which helps you to organize all your mail attachments in different Cloud Services. Kloudless supports very few cloud services and you’ve to manually do all the process, but in OneBox, all the uploading and organizing process will be done automatically. Here’s how it works.

Organize Mail Attachments in your Favorite Cloud Services

Unlike other web apps, you don’t need to install any browser extensions or any applications in your PC. Just go to the website, choose your favorite Cloud Service and connect your email account to automate the process. The application currently supports Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box. After you click the “Try it now” button on the OneBox’s homepage, it will show you a window with a list of supported Cloud Services as shown in the screenshot below. Click the one you need and proceed further.


If you have logged in to your Cloud account, it will redirect you to the next window where you need to choose your desired email service. Once you connect your email account, it will start scanning the recent mails to fetch the attachments. It will first scan the emails you’ve received in the last 30 days and will start scanning your entire email account later. After the scanning part is complete, the attachments will be listed on the homepage of the application.

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The web app will create a new folder called “OneBox” in your Cloud Storage and save all your attachments in that. In the top of the “Attachment Activity” section, there will be a few options to search the files using email, file type and different keywords. Total number of files and their types will be available on the right side window as shown in the screenshot below. Also, you can add new email accounts using the “New Account” option in the “Accounts” section.


The web app is still in the beta stage and doesn’t support multiple Cloud accounts. It will be great if we can configure multiple email ids to different cloud accounts. OneBox should consider including that feature in the final version of their web application. If you regularly receive a lot of attachments in your mails, OneBox will definitely be a great tool for organizing them. Try the app and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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