5 Must Have Chrome Extensions To Protect Your Privacy

The Chrome browser is secured by default. The recent update for Chrome, brought new privacy and security features to the browser. Also, there are many security extensions available for the browser to protect the user’s privacy online. If we unknowingly click any malicious link, these apps will let us know about the security threats. Also, it will not let  you download the harmful applications to your PC. So, privacy extensions are essential for all types of users to protect their data and privacy online. Today I’ve come with a list of best privacy extensions available for Chrome. Lets have a look at those apps below.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the must have extensions for all the users. It not only blocks the ads, it prevents adwares and protects your privacy. Adwares always comes with malicious links and steal the user data like email id, contact no., etc. By removing the ads, it will give a clutter free interface to all the websites you visit. So, it will improve the readability on websites. Another important function is, it will block all the text and video ads on YouTube. You don’t need to wait to skip an ad on YouTube, if you install this extension.

Privacy Manager

Privacy Manager is one of the widely used security extensions for Chrome. Once you install it, you will get plenty of handy security options in your browser. Cookies play an important role in security threats. Cookies from unknown websites can steal the user data easily. This extension will help you to remove those cookies. Also, you can review all the cookies stored in your browser and remove the suspicious ones. Some of the advanced options like hyperlink audition, network prediction and management, header requests, etc., are handled by this extension.

Safe Preview

We get plenty of links in our emails and in our social accounts everyday. We will not know, whether it is safe or not. We have seen many FB spams, start posting unwanted contents on our wall without permission. Safe Preview will help you to avoid those links. Before opening a link, it will help you analyze it. If you are about to open a malicious link, the app will protect you. It checks the links with six different security applications before you proceed. You can customize the options in the settings of the application.

safe preview

Do Not Track Me

Most of the websites you visit will track you even after you close the web page. They will install their cookies in your browser and track all your activities. Do Not Track Me will help you get rid of those websites and protect your privacy. It helps you to mask your email, contact numbers, browsing history and credit card details. It will avoid those unwanted spam emails, text messages and telemarketing calls. Also, it will show you the analytics of sites which are tracking you on the web.

do not track me

AVG Privacy Fix

AVG Privacy Fix is a popular security extension for Chrome. It stops all the popular websites like Google, Facebook and other social networking sites from Tracking you. If you have logged in to your email id and browsing in the same window, Google can easily track all the website you visit. This extension will fix those issues and clear the cookies of those websites. Cookies from harmful websites and marketing or advertising companies will be removed automatically.

These are five best privacy extensions for Chrome, if you know any useful privacy extensions please share with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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