5 Best Android Apps To Backup And Restore Your Contacts

Contacts are the primary data on a mobile phone. That’s why we have plenty of tools and applications available to backup contacts. Also there are different cloud services available to backup your contacts as well as lets you access from anywhere on the web. So, today I came with few best android contacts backup applications, which lets you to take a backup and restore them whenever you need. All the backup apps will sync with your contact and update automatically. Even you lose your mobile phone, your contacts can be restored using these applications.


Super Backup

Super backup is one of the best contact backup applications for Android. The app not only backup your contacts, also your SMS, Call Logs, Calendars and much more. You can either take the backup to your SD Card or in your Gmail account. Once you install the app, it will sync with your contacts and will backup automatically. Also you can schedule the backup timings inside the application. It will auto upload the backup files to your configured Gmail account. So, when your device is lost, you can retrieve the contacts from your Gmail account.

super backup

Backup Contacts

Backup Contacts is an app exclusively designed for contacts backup. It lets you take backup to the SD Card and to the cloud services like Dropbox. Also you can send the contacts back up as an email attachment to your Google account. If you want to restore the contacts, just sync your device with Google, all your contacts will be copied. Also you can retrieve the contacts from your SD Card by locating a file called ” SD-Card/Backup.Contacts.DATE.csv“. Like that you can also retrieve the contacts from Dropbox and Gmail account.

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MC Backup

MC Backup has the quick and easy way of backup and restoring your data. It won’t take a backup in your SD Card or Gmail account. The backup will be available on their server, so you don’t have to sync or search for the contacts in your SD Card. Also you can send all your contacts as .VCF file to your email. The backup file will be available on the app and whenever you need, send an email from the app and download the attachment. You can set a reminder on the app to backup contacts periodically. The app also offers all your contacts as a .VCF file, you can copy that to your computer as a backup.


Go Backup & Restore Pro

Go Backup is one of the popular backup applications for Android. It has an excellent backup and restore tool. Not only the contacts you can backup Call logs, bookmarks, calendars and much more. The app lets you easily merge, delete and duplicate the data available in your backup. It supports two major cloud services Dropbox and Google drive. So if you have an account in any of those services, you can keep the backup files over there. It has a backup scheduling option and see the backup log to find when your last backup was done.


G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is also a popular app for Android. It can also backup your SMS, Call logs, Calendars, Bookmarks, etc. All your data will be backed up to their server and you can view the data in their web interface. The data will be taken a backup in the cloud storage and you can access the data at any time. Also it lets you download the data whenever you need. Even you lose your device, still you can have all your data in the G Cloud’s web interface. It comes with a free storage of 1GB and you can extend it, if you need.

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These are the five best apps to backup contacts in Android. Please let me know if I’ve missed any of your favorite contact backup applications. Try this in your device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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