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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • ceelo brown

    hey i attemped your steps and when i try to save the notepad it says, please make sure to filepath is correct or whatever.
    and it refuses to save

  • Black Sakura

    yeah I couldn’t save the file too..What should I do now?

  • Elle.

    Saaame, it says about the filepath thing and I can’t do it otherwise. /:
    Any suggestions?

  • Andres

    what you have to do is go to siteadvisor folder properties and click on edir permisions and then click on “everyone” and enable full acces

  • Lianne

    Thanks so much. This worked and fixed my problem immediately. I had been using skype and it was causing blue screens of death. I was told that my dell inspiron’s driver was not compatable with Skype. This sent me trying to find another way to video call, family is far away. Thanks so much. This seems way more compatable with my computer, and your advice was a heck of a lot more usefull then the 3 days spent with Dell.

  • Peet

    Not only people who use McAfee have a webcam problem in version 2009.

    I use NOD32 but that doesn’t seem te be the problem.

    I have really no clue why some people can still see me and why a lot of people can’t anymore.
    On both sides the latest version of messenger is installed.

    When both users downgrade tot version 2008 (8.5) then the problem is solved.

    So Microsoft… when are you going to fix this irritating problem!!

  • robin

    well, I don’t have mcaffee or nod 32, but norton 360. configured everything that may interfere with te webcam. still no cure, I get the same code (0x8ac70013)

  • its.. works…

  • dave

    hey i attemped your steps and when i try to save the notepad it says, please make sure to file path is correct or whatever.
    and it refuses to save

    u have to set to admin or make it so u can everyone can change or edit it
    this is by going in to admin setting (right click properties security / advanced /administrator / edit / everyone then hit full control ) if u need to after u have done this u can set it back so “everyone” doz not have full control

    this is not said as a step but for u that try and not work this may help abit coz i had the same thing

  • Symantec AV

    i dun even hav macafee, i am using symantec… do anyone know how to fix this 0×8AC70013 problem?

  • rose

    i am using kaspersky 2009 and i am having the same problem
    with the messenger
    i do not know what to do
    we have only two computer programmers in my city and they could not fix the problem for me
    i really need your help..

  • Dan

    yes i have the same problem it just wont let me save like the previous comment said. god help me please its soo frustrating. thanks

  • cheryl

    I do not have mcafee, I have avast! and it is only recently that I havent been able to use my webcam, if I try to use it I get a webcam is already in use message, audio and video wont let me do a setup and if someone else sends an add I get this 0x8ac70013 error message…please help

  • Sue

    I have AVG free but still have the same video probs can you please suggest a fix for me. Thanks.

  • jimmy

    hi im stuck at the first step i im on a windows vista and i cant find the folder please can someone help?

  • Ray

    I thought it was just me. I have NOD32 and Vista 64 home premium and have the same problem. However, I successfully have a video connection with MSN messenger 7.x on a Win2k. Go figure.

  • Karveira

    For me the solution was to delete the folder MESSENGER wich was in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\

    You may have to start the computer in safe mode – I closed Live Messenger and couldn’t delete the folder, so I user “Unlocker” to rename the folder.

    Hope this helps – Karveira

  • SnipeMacey

    hey this has really helped me as i have just gotten this problem but my sister has had this problem for ages and has been nagging me to sort it so thanks everyone for posting this mind u i had the same differculty saving it but i didn’t think of looking at the comments lol i figured it out by myself lol

  • J

    I contacted Windows about this and they sent me an email with a bunch of stuff to try. Everything from re-installing the wecam drivers to a whole bunch of other BS sugestions that did not work. Si I installed YAHOO Messenger.. and it works perfectly. So my suggestion.. until Windows fixes this… ues YAHOO Messenger.

  • singyeace

    i can not get sound or video on my msn i do not have mcafee so can you help me with this so i can get my web cam running thank you

  • bao

    I does not haf macafree installed leh. but this still happens

  • Frank

    Hi there i have xp on computer and use mc fee and my vidio and sound did not work, i have taken your tip and steps to go to notepad and then to sasets.ini and open notepad went to msnmsg. exe and then chance enabled=1 to enabled=0 and save. but you must restart cp and mns live messenger works thank you for the tip Frank

  • Pfuller

    I cannot find acure for the following error message (Error: 0x8ac70013) I am using Vista with nod32 anti virus

  • Rameznet1

    still error 0x8ac70013 run …
    help me please

  • Optout

    Except I don’t use mcafee

  • Erick_ge

    yo no tengo McAfee instalado, ni ningun rastro de archivo de este antivirus, como puedo reparar el problema?

  • Asf

    The problem is also VMWare Workstation: It installs virtual adapters. If you disable them, video chat works again.

  • Kin

    I am using XP with NOD32, using the latest version 2009 (Build 14.0.8117.416)
    Here is my solution,
    1. Sign off and Exit messenger
    2. Go to C:Program FilesWindows LiveMessenger
    3. Right click on file “msnmsgr.exe”, select “Properties”, a new window of msnmsgr.exe Properties will pop up.
    4. Under “Compatibility” tab, look for “Compatibility mode”, if the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for” is checked and show window 2000. Go ahead un-check it.
    5. Open messenger again and try to make the video call.
    It works for me, hope it work for you too.

  • Majedissalib

    yes i disabled them and it works thanks

  • Koert

    yes, disabled the virutal network adapters, this fxed the problem

  • Help

    This is also caused by Cisco AnyConnect VPN which cannot be running at the same time as a MSN video call.