‘Perfgraph’ Monitors System Resources and Site Ping Times [Windows]

There are various gadgets available for Windows that monitor the system’s resources being used. But these gadgets get hidden when you have any maximized windows in the foreground. What you need is “Perfgraph” – an app that monitors system resources and displays the values graphically in the taskbar.

Perfgraph 1

With Perfgraph, you get a user friendly desktop application that helps you easily monitor the system resources being currently utilized. But in addition to system resources consumption, the application also provides you with site ping stats, hardware sensors stats, and network throughput. All of this information is graphically displayed right on your taskbar.

You may begin by downloading and installing the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 0.5 MB. You can then enable the Perfgraph toolbar from the taskbar’s toolbar options. It will show a graph monitor right on your taskbar, next to the System Tray. If your taskbar is not locked, you can even resize the graph. By default, the CPU resource stats are shown. But this can be easily changed by accessing the app’s configuration options. To do this, you need to first right click on the app’s graph monitor.

Perfgraph 2

The configuration options will have monitoring categories in the top left pane, detailed monitoring options in the top right pane.

Perfgraph 3

The CPU options assign a particular shade of green color to the graph – the darker the green color, the greater percentage of your CPU is being used.

Perfgraph 4

You can switch over to the memory category in order to track how much physical memory and / or paging file memory is currently being used. Again, there is an easy to follow color legend that is provided under the detailed options.

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Perfgraph 5

The changes you make to the app begin reflecting immediately in the graph on your Perfgraph toolbar.

Webmasters will find a particularly useful tool that is contained in this application: monitoring round trip ping times to a particular host (website). You can specify the site’s URL along with other detailed ping settings such as payload size and late packet thresholds.

Perfgraph 06

The easy to follow color legend of the site ping options lets you quickly monitor when the pings are coming back a little late or very late.

Perfgraph 7

While the application provides convenient colors for each of the monitoring options it gives, you can easily make changes to the default colors from the app’s options.

Perfgraph 8

As you can see, Perfgraph has something for everyone: from the average computer user who wants to monitor the system’s resources to the web developer who wants to monitor ping times, Perfgraph will fit all Windows users well.

You can get Perfgraph from here.



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