Set Recurring Alarms to Play Your Favorite MP3 Tunes with ‘Free Alarm Clock’ [Windows]

When developing the clock functionality within a smartphone, developers cannot even dream of excluding alarm clock functionality from the phone. Unfortunately the same is not the case when it comes to desktop computers. I have not used Windows 8 yet, but Windows XP, Vista, and 7 all came without alarm clocks built into them. Of course, you can always ‘indirectly’ employ the alarm clock functionality through the Task Scheduler but that hardly seems convenient.

If you are looking for a competent alarm clock application for Windows, like I was quite recently, you should check out the excellent effective app that is titled simply “Free Alarm Clock.”

Free Alarm Clock 01

Free Alarm Clock is an piece of freeware that is compatible with Windows computers. Its name pronounces its purpose and this purpose is fulfilled very effectively. After you have installed the application, you can begin adding alarms to the app’s clock. All the added alarm appear on the main window (see image above).

Free Alarm Clock 02

You can set the precise time for the alarm to go. Users can also specify whether or not the alarm will be a recurring one i.e. you can have the alarm repeat itself every weekday of your choosing. The alarm can be labeled whatever you want. The label serves as a function to remind you what the alarm is for. You might set an alarm for laundry but forget what it was about when it rings – a problem that alarm labels solve. You can have a built-in tune play with the alarm or you can have an mp3 file on your system play when the alarm time is reached. Other options with the alarm include Snooze, Loop, turning on the volume and monitor, and bring the computer out of Sleep.

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When the alarm’s time is reached, a small window opens up in the middle of the screen, grabbing your attention. You can either dismiss the alarm with the OK button or you can Snooze it (if you had enabled the option earlier).

Free Alarm Clock 03

The exact duration of the Snooze can be controlled through the Options menu.

Free Alarm Clock 04

Another entry in the Options menu lets you display a floating repositionable clock on your desktop at all times. The clock looks like the one in the following image:

Free Alarm Clock 05

If English is not your first language, then you would be happy to know of Free Alarm Clock’s multi-lingual support. The app comes in German, Danish, Czech, Spanish, Finnish, and many other languages. The language can be changed from the Options menu.

Free Alarm Clock 06

Once you close the application, it runs in the background. It can be accessed easily through its System Tray icon.

Free Alarm Clock 07

In conclusion, Free Alarm Clock offers a simple yet powerfully effective interface for alarms on your computer. Setting recurring or one-time alarms that carried your favorite mp3 tunes could not have been any easier.

You can get “Free Alarm Clock” from here.



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