Extend Laptop Battery Life with Microsoft Fix IT

Laptop battery life is usually of concern for those who works on laptop & netbook for long hours. Unfortunate situations when you need your laptop and its battery died has forced many users to keep laptop connected to power source while its in use but it could result in shorter laptop and battery life.

In order to help users in fixing power consumption related issues and extend battery life, Microsoft has released Fix it, which automatically detects system settings that can affect power usage, such as timeout and sleep settings, display settings, and screensavers, and restore them to their default settings.

Microsoft Fix it performances following fixes to extend laptop batter life,

1. Period of time before the computer goes to sleep is set too long

2. Screen saver is used instead of setting the computer to enter sleep mode

3. Display brightness is set too high

4. Power plan is not set to the most efficient power plan

5. Wireless adaptor in not optimized for power saving

6. Minimum processor state is set too high

Download Microsoft Fix it to extend laptop battery life & fix power consumption issues.

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Via Softpedia

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