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Google has recently killed off its homepage service and, for the most part, many users do not care very much. After all, many of you no longer use such web-based start pages. However, if you really need one then Yahoo has actually improved its offering to try and draw in lost customers from Google.

Google’s service, which was known as iGoogle, may be gone, but it’s not forgotten, and now a developer wishes to bring it back right on your New Tab page within the Chrome web browser.

A new app for the web browser called iChrome brings back that old homepage functionality, and it looks surprisingly similar in its features. The developer claims it is based on a Google Now-card design.

Once you have installed the free extension, it will immediately open and display a bit of a how-to regarding setting up and using the new iChrome.

iChrome setup

You will need to manually drag it to your home button to get access to it, as it’s not a part of your apps page. If you don’t have a Home button (Chrome does not by default), then you will need to head into settings and enable it.

Now you can get started setting things up. You will need to enable your various accounts, such as Facebook, and you can even get other information, such if you are playing Fantasy Football using Yahoo. You can also enter your location for weather view news.

Screenshot 2013-11-30 at 8.08.16 AM

There is also a Settings option at the top right that allows you to change the theme, set the background image, alter the color, and set your search provider.

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Screenshot 2013-11-30 at 8.12.36 AM


While the old homepage feature is less popular than it was in the past, that doesn’t mean nobody wants it. If you prefer the iGoogle-Now style then this is a solid option. It has less features than rivals like My Yahoo, but the extension is also brand new, so you can expect steady improvements and new features in the future.



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