Disable All Google Chrome Extensions With a Single Click

I test a lot of Chrome extensions every day and trust me, installing/uninstalling extensions again and again can be a bit of a hassle. In order to disable any extension in Chrome, the person has to go to the Extensions Manager from Chrome Settings and then disable it. Today, I came across a very handy Chrome extension, One Click Extension Manager that allows users to disable all extensions with a single click. If you want, you can even disable a specific extension as well.

To get started, head over to Chrome Web Store and install One Click Extensions Manager. Once installed, a new power icon will appear in your extensions area.

Disable All Extensions 1

Click on the extension icon and it will show you all the installed extensions in your browser. To enable/disable any extension, just click on the name of the extension. It also allows users to disable all the installed extension with a single click.

Disable All Extensions 2

If you want, you can even uninstall any extension for the same menu. Just click on the extension icon and right click on it. It will show you a confirmation message and will ask you to confirm the action. Just click OK and it will disable the extension.

Disable All Extensions 3

One Click Extensions Manage is a very handy utility that can simplify uninstalling extensions in Google Chrome. If you work with extensions everyday and have to install/uninstall extensions on a regular basis, I would definitely suggest you to give this extension a try.

If you tried One Click Extensions Manager, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Download One Click Extensions Manager

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