Troubleshoot Windows 8 System Crash with Windows 8 Log Collector

System crashes are hard to prevent especially when it’s Windows Operating system. Worst it is even more difficult to fix them without log files. Hence most IT admins often rely on log files to detect and fix system crashes or conflicting hardware, however it becomes very cumbersome task when you got hundreds of computers on network and manually collection all log files.

What if you can have tool which can automatically collect all the log files on Windows OS, do you think will be help for you?? If you answer is yes then here is freeware tool Windows 8 Log Collector.

As the name suggests, this tool is for Microsoft’s next major operating system, i.e Windows 8. Windows 8 Log Collector is the standalone executable which lets you to collect the log files for Mini Dump , MSINFO32, host file , event logs, and Internet Explorer crash logs with just clicks.

The Windows 8 Log Collector has simple user interface with easy to understand options. Each button is named with kind of logs it will collect. You can collect individual logs or grab all logs with on click which will be placed on your desktop under folder name W8. However you must run Windows 8 Log Collector as administrator or with right click context menu option “Run as administrator”.

Download Windows 8 Log Collector.

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2 thoughts on “Troubleshoot Windows 8 System Crash with Windows 8 Log Collector”

  1. It is indeed a better idea to collect all the logs in a place but I expect that Windows 8 will not crash so much atleast. I really liked the features and looks of Windows 8 and I have very much expectation from it.

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