How To Block Windows 10 Update Notification in Windows 7/8.1

Earlier this week, Microsoft made the official announcement on the availability of Windows 10 for all the users. By July 29, Windows 10 full version will be available and the existing users can upgrade for free. One of the important highlights of this update is, even non-geninune users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. After the official announcement, Microsoft started pushing an update notification in the system tray, where they can reserve for the Windows 10 upgrade.


The problem is, when Windows 10 is available, the reservation you’ve made will automatically download the entire OS and you can only choose when to install it. If you prefer the regular way of installing the OS and don’t want those annoying update notification in your system tray, here’s how to block it.

How To Block Windows 10 Update?

Blocking the Windows 10 update involves two different steps. First you need to remove the currently installed updates and then block Windows from checking for that update in future. To do that, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Control Panel and select “Programs and Features”. Click the “View Installed updates” option in the left panel.

Step 2: Windows 7 users, look for updates ending with “3035583, 2952664, 3021917” and Windows 8 users look the updates ending with “3035583, 2976978”.

Step 3: Right-Click on all those updates and select “Uninstall” option in the menu. It will prompt you to restart the system after you uninstall each update. Just select “Restart later” and proceed further.

Step 4: Once you finish uninstalling all the updates, restart your computer. Now you can see the Windows 10 update notification is removed from your system tray.

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Step 5: Next, you’ve to block these updates from further sending you the notifications. Again go to Control Panel, and select “Windows Updates” in the menu.

Step 6: In that window, click the “Check for updates” option and wait for the updates to show up. Also, make sure you are connected to the internet.

Step 7: Once it is complete, click the “Important Update is available” link and you will see an update ready to be installed.

Step 8: Now right click on that update and select “Hide Update” option in that menu. This will block the update from further sending you the notifications.

Now, restart your system and you will not see the Windows 10 update anymore. If you have any queries regarding the tutorial, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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  1. It worked for a short time. In the last few days several of the PC that I removed and hid the Windows 10 notification updates for, are now again asking if I want to schedule the update.

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