How To Find Original Location Of Photos In iPhoto On MAC

Apple has improved the image capturing feature in iPhone 5S. It has also got slow motion video option. It stores all the images in high resolution format. The user can choose the image to be taken in normal or high resolution format. It grants the option to take panoramic shot. This is an excellent feature to capture the place in wide angle and to cover large area in single shot. It acts very smart in merging the images to show it as single photograph.

iPhone photographs can be viewed through iPhoto application on MAC. The application will automatically be opened when the user connects the iPhone or it can be opened, If it is not. The photographs can be imported to named events on MAC. After importing the photographs, it can be deleted to free-up the space. The images would be stored in local drive. Lots of users would have struggled a little in finding the original location of the images to transfer to an external drive, send in email , etc. Here is an easy way to find it.

Step 1:

Open “iPhoto”

Step 2:

Go to the particular image folder or image

Step 3:

Click on that image

iPhoto Original Location

Step 4:

Go to “File” –> “Reveal In Finder” –> “Original File”

iPhoto Original Location

Step 5:

Click on it and It will open the original location of the image in finder.

Isn’t this so simple? Leave us in the comments, If you experience any difficulty in finding this.

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