[Android] Automatically disable your WiFi when out of range

As (almost) all smartphone users know that WiFi consumes a lot of battery power and most of us still keep it on, doesn’t matter if it’s in range of the network or not. The phone drains the battery while always looking for a network to connect. This is where WiFi scheduler comes in handy.


WiFi scheduler automatically detects when your smartphone or Android devices goes out of a wireless network range and after waiting for a specific period of time (which users can easily configure), turns off the WiFi, helping save battery.

WiFi scheduler’s interface is pretty simple. There’s a big WiFi icon on the main screen and When your smartphone is connected to a network it’ll turn green. You can also tap this button to manually activate or deactivate your network.


The app also features a lot of options and gives you control over when to turn on or off the WiFi hardware. You can easily schedule your WiFi connection, depending on connected cell tower. Let it pause in airplane mode, disable when you deactivate the wifi, restart the scheduler when you activate the wifi hardware, set up events management and timers, connections history and more.

All in all, WiFi Scheduler is a great application that will help you save precious battery power which is caused by the system when it’s looking for a network to connect, even though there is none.

Download WiFi Scheduler at Google Play Store

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