SEO VS Paid Advertising: Which is the Best for Gaming Companies?

SEO Vs Paid Advertising

The media business is a marathon that needs to be run continuously if a company wants to stay on top of the competition in the field. Particularly, we are going to talk about gaming companies, which are very popular and profitable nowadays thanks to the wide availability of the internet. Online gaming is all about the digital environment. The games are running on clouds, gamers are playing digitally using an internet connection, and even some companies have no physical offices, but only digital one, which is their website or social media platforms.

Being present in the digital world, gaming companies fight for visibility, because the more they engage the players, the higher their profit. In this regard, there are 2 main strategies to keep the brand popularity higher among internet consumers: The first one is search engine optimization, and the other – paid advertising. They both aim to show up in the search results on Google, Bing, and elsewhere.

Although different companies adopt individual strategies, we want to discuss the benefits of each marketing approach, uncovering the best way for long-lasting brand visibility and profitable traffic, based on the characteristics of each gaming company and the preferences of the audience.

Paid Advertising in the Casino Industry

One field that generated unbelievable interest among gamers and gaming enthusiasts is the online casino industry, which took advantage of technological developments and created new forms of gaming experiences upon old and traditional games. These companies absolutely put lots of effort into enhancing their digital visibility through SEO and paid advertising, and both can be pretty beneficial in this case.

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Paid advertising, however, comes with lots of advantages when we dive deeper into this business model. Today, people who are interested in the online live casino game variants, gather on streaming channels, to follow their favorite games and tournaments. The good examples are YouTube and Twitch, followed by Facebook and other social media platforms. Although SEO can ensure tremendous growth in popularity and customer engagement, it’s paid advertising that allows one to reach out to lots of people immediately regardless of the platform type.

If SEO works the best on search engines, paid advertisements can be used for social media platforms. Along with SEO, this variant can be a preferable option for online casino companies especially in the periods when they have special welcome bonuses or when they introduce new games. Those are time-sensitive events that cannot wait for a long time until SEO does its magic.

But SEO Does a Magic if You Can Wait

There is no doubt that search engines like Google and Bing, which are the two of the biggest platforms, are significantly big platforms with enormous capabilities. Only Google alone gets 3,5 billion searches per day which is a huge number proving how effective it can be for businesses. But to enjoy the fruits of this technology, companies need to work wisely and targeted. Now, let’s discuss the possibilities for gaming platforms.

If there are no time-sensitive events, and the company wants to build a long-lasting presence in Google results, then SEO is the strategy to adopt. The algorithms of search engines work similarly, based on some important factors such as quality, relevance, context, etc. Obviously, the key element here is the content, and the ability of storytelling companies need to have.

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One of the best arguments for SEO solutions for gaming companies is the nature of gaming itself. See, games are not only an active way of attraction but those are also digital content. Thousands of people every day follow the latest news in the gaming industry, including different events, live streams, etc. If a gaming company can create valuable content on its website, then it will probably host thousands of readers every month, which may eventually become players and fans.

What is the Downside of Investing in SEO?

As an important statement, let’s mention that SEO and paid advertisements are not antonyms and they can be used simultaneously to bring the best result. One example is the targeting process, when companies take advantage of their organic traffic, targeting those visitors later on during the paid advertisement campaigns.

But if a gaming company prefers using only search engine optimization to reach out the gamers, there are some chances that this experience may be disrupted by competitors who use paid advertising on the same search engine platforms. It is not a secret that Google, Bing, and others prioritize paid results showing those on the top of the results page. So, internet users may not even scroll the page to see your SEO-enhanced web page, finding the first paid results attractive enough.

With this being said, we would encourage you to use both types of promotion in your marketing strategy for the desired result. Of course, this will require more investment and financial input, but if the company works smartly, then it will gain potential and real customers in a relatively short period.

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