How To Add Disk Cleanup In Right-Click Menu For A Drive On Windows

A home would be more messy, if it isn’t cleaned for couple of days. The same rule can be applied for the computer machines. It has got lots of files, folders and applications installed and stored in it. When it is being used for long time it also gets cluttered. The disk clean will do the needful to wipe the unwanted downloaded page files, recycle bin, temporary files and so on.

This can be run from the start menu or from the Performance Information and Tools in the Control Panel. How great it would be, If it is available in right-click menu for the drives. Here is how to do this.

Note: It’s a registry hack. Windows users are advised to backup their registry to avoid any OS malfunctions, before going ahead.

Step 1:

Type “regedit” in run command or start menu search box.

Step 2:

Head to ” HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell “

Disk Cleanup - Windows

Step 3:

Right-click on “shell”

Step 4:

New –> Key. Name it as ” diskcleanup “

Step 5:

On the right hand side, Right click on Default value –> Click on Modify to change it to ” Disk Cleanup “

Disk Cleanup - Windows

Step 6:

Now, On the left pane, Choose ” diskcleanup “ New –> Key. Name it as ” command “

Step 7:

On the right side pane, Right click on Default value –> Click on Modify to change it to ” cleanmgr.exe /d %1 “

Disk Cleanup - Windows

Disk Cleanup - Windows


Now, Go to any local drive on the computer. Right-click on it to see the “Disk Cleanup” option.

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