Access New Chrome Apps from your Desktop Even When you are Offline

Few days before Google introduced a new category of apps called “For your desktop” in the Chrome web store. It has 30+ popular applications from the Chrome web store. These apps can be downloaded and accessed from your desktop. One of the special features of these Chrome apps is, it can be used even when you are offline. So it will be updated whenever you are connected to the Internet. Right now this desktop apps are available for Chrome OS and Windows. Mac users need to wait six weeks to use these Chrome desktop apps.


Even though these Chrome apps works on desktop, definitely you need the Chrome browser to download it. It will use your browser as a medium to download and connect the app. Once you download and install an app, you can see the chrome desktop icon in your taskbar. It contains all the apps installed in your browser and desktop. Click the  icon and choose the app you need. These desktop apps are separate apps in the Chrome web store which cannot be used in your browser. It works only with your desktop.


As of now, the applications are very limited in the desktop section. It has popular apps like Google Keep, Pocket, Lockify, etc. As I said before these apps can also be accessed when you are offline. For instance, if you are reading an article in the Pocket application, even when you go offline all the downloaded stories will be there in the app. You can browse them and read it. Next time when you go online, it will automatically sync and update the stories.

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In future, these Chrome apps will be available for mobile devices too. So when you go online and update a content in your desktop, it will be synced with all the connected devices automatically. Similar to Pocket app, in Google keep all the notes can be accessed when you are offline. You can also add notes in offline mode and it will be updated next time when you go online. Also the notes will be synced with your Google keep Android app and Google drive automatically.

Instead of browsers, using apps from Desktop will restore nativity of the application. Also it will give you instant access towards all the web apps you need. If you are chrome user, you should definitely try this chrome apps for desktop. Give a shot and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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