Download Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise (.MSI) Installer

If you have been using Google Chrome from day one of its release then you might know that Google Chrome wasn’t available as standalone installer and requires to download web installer which in turn requires active internet connection to download & install Chrome on your machine.

The situation is even worst for IT admin since the standalone version of Google Chrome is as of now only available as executable which can only be installed manually on each and every machine. Finally Google is addressing this issue and have released first Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise edition which comes as windows installer package ( .MSI installer package).

Now system admins and network admins can perform wide and remote deployments tasks which weren’t possible with the old releases of Chrome.  The new Chrome Standalone Windows Installer Package (.MSI) is suited to a range of scenarios including offline installations, unattended installations, deploying the browser over a network share or from remote locations.

Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise .MSI package

Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise

Download Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise .MSI package.

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