10 Best Kodi Movie Addons in 2020

Planning for a movie night with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite drink? If yes, what can be better than Kodi to watch the latest movies on a big screen or your PC? Thanks to the amazing Kodi addons, which let you explore a massive library of content within just a few clicks. But selecting the perfect addon can be a tedious job, especially when you’re in the mood to relax and get entertained. That’s why we are here to help you with the list of best Kodi movie addons. Scroll down, check out our top picks and start streaming. Your daily dose of entertainment is not a far cry anymore!

Before we proceed towards the list, you must know that we have put on extensive research work to weed out the average ones and provide you with the best only. Just to make sure you’re getting the most functional and feature-rich addons.

However, our list of top Kodi movie addons will give you access to thousands of movies, including old and new ones. So, no matter what your taste is, you’ll obviously get the one you are searching for. Here you go!

Note: One thing that you must keep in mind while getting started with a Kodi movie addon is- you should always use a VPN with Kodi.

Wondering why? Here is the reason.

Why is a VPN Mandatory to Run Kodi?

If you start using Kodi without a VPN, it may lead you to several unwanted consequences. Here is why.

Illegal Kodi addons without a VPN is a big NO

A number of users install illegal Kodi addons to stream the latest movies, TV shows, music, sports, or other content for FREE. There is a surge in using illegal ones because legal Kodi addons provide less content when compared to the former ones.

However, the content on illegal Kodi addons are scraped and subjected to copyright. So when you access those without a VPN, your ISP may track your IP and monitor your activities. If Government or parent companies of the streaming channels ask for the information, your ISP will send them. So, you may land in a troublesome situation just for watching a movie. Would you ever like that? No one would. That’s why using a VPN is mandatory to use illegal Kodi addons. A VPN rotates your IP to hide your identity so you’ll be safe from the prying eyes completely.

VPN can bypass Geo-restriction to unblock different content

You might know a number of official Kodi addons like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, NBC Sports, IceFilms are under geo-location restriction. But what if you want to watch a movie which is only available on Hulu? Well, you will need a VPN, in this case, to bypass the geo-restriction and unblock your wished content.

Considering these two main reasons, using a VPN will create a win-win situation for you. So go through our list, install the one which you think is perfect for your requirements, and start streaming with a VPN.

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Best Kodi Movie Addons

Here we’ve listed 10 best Kodi movie addons that you can use anytime anywhere with a VPN. Take a look and install the one which you think is best for you. Let’s dive in!

1. Netflix

Best Kodi addons

If you are a Netflix subscriber, opt for integrating this media streaming platform with Kodi to get a smooth experience of movie streaming services. Netflix services are available worldwide. But, you need to have the latest version of Kodi, named Kodi 18 Leia. Because only Kodi 18 permits these types of integrations. Once done, you will get a seamless streaming experience, which you might haven’t experienced before. So, with Kodi 18, now you can access the never-ending Netflix movie library and stream whatever you wish to. Isn’t it cool?

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Another good news is that, with the Netflix Kodi addons, you can have multiple user accounts to access the same on your other devices. Even the developers have curated categories to streamline your search. So, with this addon, you will get suggestions while browsing for different types of movies. So, we have a firm belief that Netflix Kodi addon will perfectly suit the frame of requirements for all the movie lovers like you.

  • Get it here
  • Accessible region: This addon is available worldwide. If you want to access the US version, you have to get a VPN.
  • Available for streaming: A wide array of content are there, including TV shows, hundreds of original movie titles, etc.

2. YouTube

Best Kodi addons in 2020

YouTube can be the most potent addon if you know the right process of using it. The content of YouTube is available globally. If you want to access the US version specifically, use a VPN to do so. So, YouTube is not only for songs or videos; it can efficiently keep you hooked for 2 hours or more than that while streaming your favourite movie. If you want to have a handful of exciting stuff and different full-length movies that hardly exist anywhere, install YouTube addon.

However, we didn’t mean to stop you from listening to YouTube songs or short videos. But if you want to enjoy some good movies of your choice, you can have an excellent option to use this as one of the best Kodi Movie addons to get plenty of added advantages. Even, this platform runs flawlessly on the older versions of Kodi, in case you don’t have the updated one.

  • Get it here or follow the path- Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find YouTube> Hit Install
  • Accessible region: YouTube is accessible from any corner of the world except a few countries. Download a VPN to run the YouTube US version.
  • Available for streaming: Lots of free movies, individual videos by YouTubers, cartoons, music, live-streaming, and more.

3. Crackle

What is the best Kodi addon

Crackle was once an independent movie streaming service and was not so much popular because of a lack of collection of movies. Later, it came on light and became popular when the giant company Sony acquired it. You would be surprised to know that now it is having a lot of excellent collections of movies which you can get for free of cost. Although the services of Crackle are available only in the USA, you can still use this addon from outside the USA by using some specific techniques.

However, if you are willing to have this one, you can opt to integrate this addon to enjoy the movies of your choice on large screens. We would recommend you to add this addon as it would work smoothly with your device. The best thing is, you can browse through a vast number of entertaining movies of different genres with this addon.

  • Get it in the official Kodi Repository. Follow the path- Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find Crackle> Hit Install
  • Accessible region: Available in the USA only. Use a VPN to stream with Crackle, outside the USA.
  • Available for streaming: Movies of different genres, and TV shows

4. Popcornflix

best Kodi addons

Popcornflix got launched over a decade ago, and still, it is popular for giving over-the-top services for free. It is supported by plenty of platforms, including Kodi. If you use this addon, you can get access to a vast collection of movies from different genres. Although this addon is available only in the USA and Canada, still rests can have this by using some available VPNs. Furthermore, Popcornflix is an OTT service that is supported by ads and comes free of charge completely.

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However, it had some drawbacks due to the lack of a collection of good classic movies. But now Popcornflix is working very hard so that they can increase the number of good movie collections. If you want to have one of the best Kodi Movie addons, opt for Popcornflix as it is having all types of collections of movie titles. It won’t matter whether you love to watch old or new movies.

  • Get the Popcornflix addon by following this- Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find Popcornflix> Hit Install
  • Accessible region: Popcornflix is available in the USA and Canada, but you can watch it from anywhere with a VPN.
  • Available for streaming: A lengthy list of older and newer movies, including a number of blockbusters.

5. Iplayer WWW

Iplayer WWW Kodi addon

Iplayer WWW is only available in the UK, but still, if the rest want to use this addon, then they can use this too with a VPN. This addon is owned by BBC and can offer you with a vast collection of popular TV shows and plenty of award-winning documentaries. The good news is that you can get this addon for free.

As you already know that we are trying to assist you with the best Kodi Movie addons here in this article. Therefore, we firmly recommend this addon and can confirm that it has a vast collection of good movies, including the latest releases. And most importantly, the picture quality of Iplayer WWW would be above your expectations. Here you will get to watch movies like- Revolutionary Road, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Birdman, Romeo & Juliet, The Water Diviner, and plenty more.

  • To get iPlayer WWW Kodi addon from the official Kodi repository, follow the mentioned path- Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find iPlayer WWW> Hit Install
  • Accessible region: iPlayer WWW is powered by BBC, and it is available in the UK only. But you can install this addon from any corner of the world with the help of a VPN.
  • Available for streaming: BBC iPlayer WWW is a home to different award-winning movies, documentaries, and TV shows.

6. Pluto.TV

Pluto .TV Kodi addon

There is no doubt in it that Pluto. TV once only was a TV streaming platform in the USA. Apart from offering a number of free TV channels, Pluto. TV comes with a ‘themed’ option also. Which means you can use this addon as a cable TV plan. You can easily switch between channels and watch the content that interests you. Moreover, Pluto. TV is a great option for cord-cutters who like to trust on Kodi only. This is indeed the right choice for the Kodi lovers who love to watch movies through addons for free of cost.

Don’t be worried if you are staying outside the USA because, still, you can have the option to use this addon seamlessly- with a VPN. Apart from TV channels, Pluto. TV can also provide you with access to its movie library, and you can even opt for your favourite TV shows and a few best movies of your choice too.

  • Find and install Pluto.TV addon from the official Kodi repository by following these steps- Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find Pluto. TV> Hit Install
  • Accessible region: USA people are only allowed to install this one. But even if you’re from another country, use a VPN to stream with Pluto.TV.
  • Available for streaming: Various types of content are available for streaming, including live TV and custom-made channels.

7. FilmRise

Filmrise Kodi addon

FilmRise is a film and television broadcasting platform, which offers its own streaming service as well. It has a global acceptance of its streaming services, which comes free of cost. FilmRise streams its content via different media streaming services but also owns self-distribution channels. When it comes to its Kodi channels, FilmRise undoubtedly renders a getaway to its YouTube channel.

With this movie addons, you can get to stream a list of good movies on large screens with the best HD picture clarity options. You can easily access to stream some of its great collection of movies including An American Crime, Broken, The Proposition, and many more.

  • You can install FilmRise from the official Kodi Repository by following this path- Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find FilmRise> Hit Install
  • Accessible region: This independent hub of HD movies is accessible globally and comes free of cost.
  • Available for streaming: Movies from past decades along with a number of TV-shows also.
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8. Shout Factory TV

how to install Kodi addon 2020

Shout Factory TV was an Indie DVD label in the past. But now it has successfully transformed into a streaming platform. But, we will say Shout Factory stays on the outskirts of mainstream streaming platforms. So, we can still take Shout Factory as an Indie company. However, the streaming services that come with Shout Factory TV are totally free of cost, and it is accessible from any corner of the world.

Once you start with Shout Factory TV addon, you will get a number of best movie collections from different genres- the library contains more than 500 diversified movie titles for you that you can get to watch on-demand.

  • Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find Shout Factory TV> Hit Install – This path should be followed to install Shout Factory TV addon on your Kodi.
  • Accessible region: Just like FilmRise, Shout Factory TV is also accessible globally and comes free of charge.
  • Available for streaming: Here, you’ll get plenty of older movies to watch.

9. SnagFilms

how to install Kodi addon repository

SnagFilms is also among the best platforms where you can get a diversified library of independent movie titles and a lot of popular documentaries. Its streaming services are free of cost, and anyone can access it throughout the globe.

We have picked the SnagFilms because it has a vast collection of best movies, which comes with HD quality clarity. The best thing is, SnagFilms abide when it comes to digging into taboo topics. Apart from this, the addons have recently added a lot of best movie titles and many National Geographic’s documentaries into its library that make us recommending this addon for you. We hope it won’t make you displeased at all.

  • The official Kodi repository is the place to find SnagFilms and install by following- Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find SnagFilms> Hit Install
  • Accessible region: SnagFilms is available globally, but a few movie titles can be under geo-restriction in the USA only. So using a VPN is the best option.
  • Available for streaming: You will get a library of content, consisting of more than 5,000 independent movies or documentaries to choose from.

10. Classic Cinema

Classic Cinema addon

Well, we are going to complete our recommendations of the 10 best Kodi Movie addons with the Classic Cinema. The reason for enlisting this addon is nothing but some of its very old and classic movie collections that you hardly get at other places. Classic Cinema has a flawless User Interface, which provides you with a straightforward navigation system. You can browse through 30 available categories and pick any movie from the huge vault of classic Hollywood films.

This movie addon is still working hard to increase its collections. Therefore, it is highly expected that in the near future you would be getting more good titles with this. The streaming services of Classic Cinema come with free of charge and can be accessed globally.

  • Find Classic Cinema in the official Kodi repository and install it by following this- Open Kodi> Click Add-ons> Select Download> Click Video Add-ons> Find Classic Cinema> Hit Install
  • Accessible region: Classic Cinema is available globally, and it’s free of cost completely.
  • Available for streaming: Good old classic movies are available to watch online.

That’s all!

We have recommended some of the best Kodi movie addons in recent times. Although you should keep in mind that the list of addons we have recommended here in this article is not the only available option that you have. There are a lot of other addons still available too, which can make you satisfied. Still, the parameters that we have used for preparing the list will perfectly fit your requirements. So, you must give it a try. For further queries, drop us a comment in the below box. We’ll be there to help you instantly. Stay connected. Sayonara!



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