Top Torrent Websites List [2021]

Top Torrent Sites List

What are the best torrent websites? We keep getting this question from our readers every now and then, if you are looking for the top torrent sites list then you are at right place. The article will be updated daily with all new as well as working site list. So make sure you bookmark this link and stay updated with working torrent websites of 2019.

Disclaimer: Sharing and downloading copyrighted files is illegal in many countries and we do not encourage users to do so. You will be solely responsible for how you use following information. Blogsdna do not condone illegal movies, songs, software & programs downloading and sharing.

Top Torrent Websites [2019]

1. The Pirate Bay


Veteran torrent site The Pirate Bay, TPB for short, again drives the 2019’s top torrent sites list while running on its original domain. The well-known website wore the crown a year ago after the total wipeout of KickAss Torrents.

TPB, as of now, is a known name for the vast collection of the torrents spread over films, TV shows, games, software, book recordings, songs, and so on. Users get to the torrent index by means of TPB’s easy to use interface which hasn’t changed in years. However, there is absolutely no reason to worry about all. Most of the downloads are safe and secure.

A reason why TPB ranks on top among the best torrent sites is the abundance of “seeds” which helps in quicker downloading of files. While this torrent website may be blocked  in a few countries, using a VPN benefit like Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN, you can easily get an access to the site.

Website Name- The Pirate Bay

Link- https://www.thepiratebay.org/

Started year- 2003

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 9.5

2. YTS.ag (YTS.am)


YTS.ag is meant particularly for the individuals who lean toward downloading movie torrents over anything else. The torrent site has shifted to another domain which has a lower Alexa rank. One thing to note is that the website has no ties with the original YTS/YIFY version, which closed down operations a few years ago. In any case, the website has managed to get their name on the ranking charts.

YTS is known for its visual appearance. Moving along the line of other torrent indexing sites, the home page now only features a tracking page. Pirated content, for the most part, fills YTS yet the looks are sufficient to give a tough competition to some famous torrent services.

Users can make content demands easily and offer feedback to the operators of the site. In any case, the website requires a user account and likewise to make remarks on the website.

Website Name- YTS.ag

Link- https://yts.ag/

Started year- 2015

Need signup- Yes

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 9.0

3. 1337x.to


1337x is a torrent site that is conscious of its visual appearance. Everything from the home page to index page is designed with contents so that you can find anything in the website.

The notable torrent site has torrents in different classifications. The torrent additionally gives a Trending section which files prominent torrents for multi-day and week. Top 100 torrents files for different classifications can likewise help the users finding great torrents to download.

Website Name- 1337x

Link- https://1337x.to

Started year- 2007

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 8.5

4. Rarbg.to


While you may not just be awestruck by the appearance of the torrent site, the website does what it’s meant for, i.e., providing healthy torrent files to the seekers. Apart from this, users have to set themselves up to see many ad tabs while clicking links on the website.

Indeed, even with a slight drop in the Alexa rank, Rarbg is as yet one of the top torrent sites available on the internet.

Other than the normal torrent download classes including Movies, Music, Software, Games, and so forth. Rarbg likewise has a separate website page to include trailers of different movies and shows. People probably won’t visit a torrent site for watching trailers. However, it could be useful to a few.

A user can likewise experience Rarbg’s Top 10 torrents files for different classifications to get a thought of what other people are downloading from the torrent site.

Website Name- RARBG

Link- https://rarbgprx.org/

Started year- 2008

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 8.0

5. Torrentz2.eu


You may as of now be knowing that Torrent2.eu is also a torrent indexing website which advances itself as a clone of the dead Torrentz. It only carries out the responsibility of finding the torrents present on other torrent sites also. However, it appears that Torrentz2 has to be in a commendable inclusion among 2019’s top torrent sites.

Other than using the inquiry box to find torrents, users can likewise visit the MyTorrentz section where they can take the assistance of the options and see verified torrents for different classes.

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Website Name- Torrentz 2

Link- https://torrentz2.eu/

Started year- Aug 2016

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 7.5



You may be very much aware of the logo on the KickAss Torrents and other top torrent sites. Since the most recent few years, the domain EZTV.ag has managed to hold itself under the top 1000 websites on Alexa.

EZTV is visited only by the internet population who are interested in downloading TV show torrents. Actually, it’s the only content classification one would find on this famous torrent site.

The torrenting site brings nothing much, however, an essential look with torrent links and other information mentioned in a table shape. It additionally enables visitors to make user accounts where they can spare torrents as top choices.

Website Name- EZTV

Link- https://eztv.io/

Started year- May 2005

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 7.0

7. LimeTorrents.cc


Limetorrents is again on our list of the Top Torrent Websites List Working Websites of 2019. This is another website which has torrents in different classes including TV Series, Movies, Games, Applications, and Anime.

It appears very easy to find a healthy torrent and what makes LimeTorrents one of the best torrent sites is the standard updating of content. The torrent site features separate site pages where it gives refreshed files to the top 100 torrents trending the most, and the most recent torrents transferred to the site.

Further, users can make accounts which would be required to transfer torrents, give feedback, bookmark torrents, and exchange messages with other users, and so forth.

Website Name- Limetorrents

Link- https://www.limetorrents.online/

Started year- 2009

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 6.5

8. Zooqle


The ninth inclusion in our 2019’s list of best torrent sites is Zooqle. It’s a generally new name in the BitTorrent ecosystem. However, it is rising in the achievement charts for much long. For this ascent, the credit is to be given to the consistently increasing number of torrents.

Users can easily explore and find things using the perfect and clean interface of the website which is supplemented by the absence of intrusive promotions. The content on Zooqle is mainly TV Show torrents and Movie torrents. However, the well-known torrent site additionally has torrents with software, diversions, and so on, for different gadget stages.

Website Name- Zooqle

Link- https://torrents.me/site/zooqle/

Started year- 2008

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Private

Website Rating- 6.0

9. Torrents.me


Torrents.me likewise carry out the responsibility of searching torrents on other websites. Apart from this, before you start comparing it with Torrentz2. The website has much more to offer than simply being a torrent web index. However, Torrents.me harvests information from other sites that seek torrents.

To fulfill your torrenting needs, Torrents.me files various torrent sites and separates them into different classifications. For instance, users can undoubtedly find the best torrent sites for movies by visiting the relevant class page.

Website Name- Torrents Me

Link- https://torrents.me/

Started year- 2004

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Private

Website Rating- 5.5

10. TorLock.com


In addition to the Zooqle, TorLock is another name among the number of torrent sites which still carry a .com TLD. The operators of the site appear to work hard to make TorLock share stage with the best torrent sites available.

This notable torrent site has torrents in an assortment of classifications and empowers visit visitors to maintain their user accounts. Regarding looks, TorLock probably won’t have the best looks you can find. However, it certainly has the edge over many other top torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, RARABG, LimeTorrents, and so forth.

Website Name- Torlock

Link- https://www.torlock.com/

Started year- 2004

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Private

Website Rating- 5.0

What are torrent websites?

When you hear “torrent” in the tech world, it typically resembles to a PC file that contains metadata holding different information. A torrent file accompanies the extension .torrent yet it doesn’t contain the real contents to be transferred. This information will then be used by BitTorrent software. For example, uTorrent, Transmission or BitTorrent for the “real” distribution! This basically helps the account users to effortlessly download torrent documents to their personal PCs.

Apart from this, because of the usability of BitTorrent innovation, many torrent users end up downloading copyrighted materials unknowingly. This is, of course, illegal in many countries and some have been prohibiting unlawful torrents by means of blocking the websites. Presently, that doesn’t mean all torrents are risky for downloading. There’s a lot of trustworthy torrent sites out there which you can use. Look at our very own list of these legitimate torrent sites above.

The torrents were the main reason for decrease in the popularity of the p2p (peer to peer) sharing networks which despite being designed on same concept had biggest failure point that is, one single server through which all the connections would be established. Simply shutting down these server would close the whole network. This is what lead to the many popular p2p networks being closed by end of 2010.

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How to Use Torrent Websites?

Torrenting has become ubiquitous among youngers specially students for downloading and sharing of files across the globe and torrent websites makes it easy for any users to search and download desired .torrent which you can load into to any torrent client for downloading actual content.

Using Torrent Sites:

Using torrents to download movies or even any pirated content has been a common practice these days. Generally, it is illegal, but, many students are among the individuals who often end up doing it. The working principle of torrents is very different than the traditional method for data sharing. In the traditional method for sharing of any document, we have to go to the website and search for the things using the name of the file.

You will have the option to download the file. You can tap on it and the document will start getting downloaded. The time taken will rely upon the size of the data. Once it gets downloaded, we can easily install and play it at any comfortable time we wish. It is a transfer from the local server to the PC of the user.

Transferring Files in Torrenting:

On the other hand, torrents receive a different methodology to transfer files. The torrent is a collection or group of small parts of a document. In order to download files from any torrent website you have to use the search option offered on almost all sites. Lookup for the torrent using name and from the list of result click on desired link that you want to download.

You should see a link or button mentioned download, click on it and you will get the file name with extension .torrent. This torrent file is the special file which has to be added to software programs known a torrent clients almost all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux as well as for smartphones).

Though in the traditional way the document is got from one source, in torrents it is from many sources and the sections are assembled to arrange into a single record. As a matter of fact, thousands of PCs will get to a similar file and that is made available to other people. This aide in speeding up the downloading and this gets grouped together and made into a greater unit. This document then can be transferred to other people too. And this procedure continues and many people can get the benefit of getting some great documents.

The transfer speed can differ many a time and this may rely upon different other factors, for instance, on the kind of protocol, the number of computing systems that are downloading, and additionally on the measure of traffic on the server. A few people don’t enable the sharing to happen and it might be called as leeching. Taking the benefit yet don’t permit the transfer. Along these lines, better quality files can be downloaded using this website.

Are Torrent sites safe?

This changes from case to case. Most countries have fundamental common laws against intellectual property theft. If a bit of music is copyrighted and you don’t possess it, you can’t download it legitimately. The website goes for a motion picture, a diversion, or anything else you may want (except if the copyright-holder chooses to make it free either briefly or permanently, as is often the situation with computer games). The line gets kind of fluffy here since people get some information about their very own country’s laws.

The majority of the Bit Torrents are protected as the outstanding Torrent sites look at it before hosting them for downloads. However, not all sites are sheltered. Some may willingly disseminate malware while some others may not know (they might not have checked the parts of the document they are hosting) as pernicious. Plus, if a BitTorrent customer is uploading from an infected PC, the chances are that your downloads might be infected.

Are Torrent websites legitimate?

The answer to this question is both Yes and No. It relies upon what you are downloading. While a few sites offer only real content whose copyright they hold or things that are in broad daylight domain. Many offer pirate films, music, songs, and books, and so forth. You should check with the law of your land to perceive what you are downloading is legitimate. The responsibility of downloading illicit documents rests totally with you as the people who also run websites hosting BitTorrents can without much easily get rid of the problem of PCs by claiming simplicity.

Torrent sites blocked, what to do?

A lot of ISPs and also collage, school or company network firewalls have set up the rules to block any or all of the torrent websites either based on website name, website IP address or based on word based filtering. Depending the type of restrictions applied the method to download torrents on blocked network will vary.

  1. Use less known or alternate torrent website

The best solution to download torrent when your favorite sites is blocked is by using less known or popular websites. Since most networks used hard coded websites lists in their blocked website category, using less known will be the best workaround for you.

  1. Change DNS Server to unblock torrent sites.

Often, the method that your ISP actualizes for blocking is at the DNS level. The DNS, or Domain Name System, translates IP address numbers into website names. As a matter of course, you are using the DNS server controlled by your ISP. If you change that to an open DNS, you will take care of your problem.

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The most mainstream free open DNS servers are:

Google DNS: |

OpenDNS: |

Comodo DNS: |

You can change your DNS server in network settings, and you’ll soon have the capacity to get to each one of those blocked websites.

On Windows: Go to Network Device and right-click > Click Properties > IPv4 Properties, and then change the DNS servers and snap OK.

MacOS: Go to System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS, and include the new DNS servers, and click OK.

On Linux: Click the Network applet > Edit Connections > Edit > IPv4 Settings > Automatic (DHCP) addresses only > DNS Servers, and also include each new location separated by a comma.

  1. Use a Free VPN to Unblock Websites

If you aren’t happy with messing around with network settings, an elective technique to unblock websites is to use a VPN. A VPN, or also a virtual private network, veils your IP address’ origin.

Essentially, you are accessing the internet from a different country, where that site is active. And so you can see it.

For this, you can use a couple of solid free VPN services. However they more often than not confine the monthly information download. There are a couple of other boundless free VPNs, yet they have their own shrouded expenses.

Is it hard to find a reliable, free VPN that ensures your protection?

Keep in mind that, we are only using this VPN to get to blocked sites and also to download torrent files or magnet links. You shouldn’t really download the entire torrent over such free VPNs.

I would suggest using ProtonVPN since the company does not store any logs of what its users get to. And is also transparent about information sharing solicitations from companies.

  1. Use a Premium VPN to Download Torrents

Unblocking a website is the easy part. Apart from this, some ISPs or institutional firewalls are increasingly mischievous in their squares. Your torrents basically won’t start on such networks. That is the point at which you have to bring out the serious canons and use a paid VPN benefit for torrenting.

Paid VPNs have fewer restrictions and will more often than not scramble your information too. They likewise don’t log your movement on the network. Set it up on your PC or on your router, and you can get to and download torrents effectively.

We suggest ExpressVPN and also CyberGhost, both these exquisite services that are incredible for torrenting.

  1. Use Seedbox

What are seedboxes?

Seedboxes are the new enormous thing in the realm of torrents. A Seedbox is a virtual server that gives you a chance to transfer and download torrents. You can then download or transfer torrents to your seedbox from your PC. Think of it as Dropbox for torrents.

Seedboxes transfer information to your PC using a similar technique that any website transfers information to your PC. This means a network administrator cannot hinder a seedbox since that would mean blocking all web get to.

Seedboxes are generally paid, yet there is one mainstream free app called ZbigZ. The free account has a few restrictions, similar to a 150 KBps download limit, 1GB most extreme file estimate, two documents in storage whenever, and a seven-day expiry.

Premium seedboxes get rid of a large part of these limitations or give different breaking points dependent on your plan. The most effortless torrent-arranged seedboxes are RapidSeedbox and Seedbox.io.

If you’re open to setting up your very own virtual private server or VPS, then DediSeedbox and UltraSeedbox are the suggested options.

  1. Use Different Port (Port 80)

The second most command methods of blocking torrenting by ISP and other network firewall is to block all the ports as well as port forwarding used by torrent clients which in turn will render the torrenting useless. That’s when changing the default port used by different torrent clients to most common port such as port 80 will come extremely useful. Since port 80 is used for connecting to each and every website available on internet, its impossible to block that port there by preventing users from accessing or download torrents.


Even though torrents is relatively technical concept but more and more users even those new with computers have started learning how to download torrents from torrent sites. The first hurdle being the list of sites from where they can download quality torrents, our list of curated and hand picked best torrent websites would come very handy for those users.




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