IDroo – Multiuser Whiteboard with Skype Integration

Skype is the one powerful price of software for voice over IP, instant messaging and video conferencing. The wide variety of platform support has made Skype even more popular and #1 choice among users. Though you can explain your ideas much better verbally than via text chats. However, there might be some occasions where you will need to draw a diagram or show  pictures to convey your idea, and this where IDroo will come handy.

IDroo is the online multiuser whiteboard with Skype integration. Meaning you can use Skype Voice or video chat while explaining your idea via IDroo whiteboard. IDroo offers collaborative meetings with multiple participants and has all the tools built right into it, to draw, write, insert images and tools for math tutoring.

In order to use IDroo you need to have Skype installed, once you download and install IDroo, start the application from your desktop, you will be prompted to start Skype if it is not running.

Skype Not Running

You will notice a message that IDroo.exe wants to use Skype, click on Allow access. The user interface of IDroo is very simple and easy to use. On the left side of IDroo, you have all the tools and options to draw, write and insert images, and on right side you have the ability to view, invite participants.

iDroo Multiuser Whiteboard

Clicking in plus button on participant section you can invite users from your Skype contact list. Simply select the users you want to collaborate and click on Add button.

Invite User

If an invited user doesn’t have IDroo installed, a Skype message to download and start IDroo will be sent automatically. As soon as users starts and accepts the request to join IDroo session, you can view them in the participants panel.

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Skype Invitation Message to Join IDroo

Each board is unique to select participants. You can have multiple boards, with each one having different set of participants or users. Under pages tab,  you can add a new page for selected board.

Mutiple Boards and Pages

IDroo also offers a way to save boards as it is or export the board content as png image file or print on paper. You can also maximize the screen and hide participants panels for distracting free session.

Overall IDroo is the perfect utility for teachers, designers and architects where you can use Wacom Bamboo, Wacom Intuos and other digital tablets to write and draw and instantly show it to your colleagues. Skype integration also makes it easy to have a voice and video chat while you explain your ideas on whiteboard.

IDroo is free for personal use, however, for commercial and educational purpose you need to pay monthly fees in order to use IDroo.

Download IDroo.




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