Task Coach: An Effective and Comprehensive Task Management Tool [Windows]

Task Coach provides users with a detailed interface through which they can manage their tasks. The application will be particularly useful for project managers looking for something that helps track task progress, provide task reminders, and a lot more.

After you have downloaded and install the app’s setup file, you can go ahead and open it up. From a button placed in the top left corner of the app’s screen, you can begin adding new tasks.

Task Coach 1

You can add a lot of information for each task. This information includes everything – from the task’s description to the amount of money you have allocated for this task; the latter will be extremely useful for project managers on a very tight budget.

The first set of options in adding a task include adding a title and description for the task. The priority level for the task can be assigned as an integer value.

Task Coach 2

The ‘start date’ can be added for each task that you add. You can add a different set of ‘planned’ start dates and end dates, along with ‘actual’ start dates and end dates. In the same set of options, you can enable task reminders.

Task Coach 3

Under task prerequisites, you can add other tasks.

Task Coach 4

During this step, new tasks can be created as well, just to have them added as prerequisites.

Task Coach 5

The progress of a task can be offset easily by indicating the appropriate level from the Progress tab.

Task Coach 6

Notes can be added to each task. Again, this is a very helpful feature if you are going to assign task to others; this way, the notes can be used to provide additional information to the person the task is assigned to.

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Task Coach 7

There are numerous other details that you can add to a task. These details include categories, budget, effort, attachments, and appearance. All this information can be added by clicking on the relevant tab.

Once your tasks have been added, you can choose to mark one as an active task by clicking on a button present in the app’s main window.

Task Coach 8

Complete tasks can be marked similarly and their status is updated in the task list through a green ‘tick’ icon.

Task Coach 9

The main app window can then be used get an overview of all of your tasks. The right pane can be used to narrow down tasks via categories.

Task Coach 10

There are tons of other features that let you manage individual tasks in a detailed manner. If you are involved in the management of a project, this is one app you should definitely check out.

You can get Task Coach from over here.



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