How to post tweets that self-destruct with Spirit for Twitter

Have you ever posted a tweet to Twitter only to find that you are still receiving replys months later? There is nothing to stop you from manually deleting any tweets you no longer want to share with others, but by turning to Spirit, all of this can be taken care of you for you. This free service can be used to create tweets that will self-destruct after a certain period of time.

Sign up for a free account and you can then use hashtags to configure timers for your tweets so they can be deleted on your behalf. Pay a visit to the site and run through the signup process.


You’ll then need to grant the service permission to access your Twitter account — just click the Sign In button.


Using Spirit is very simple. When you’re posting tweet you would like to have a limited lifespan you just need to use the right hashtag. For example, if you want a tweet to disappear after 30 minutes, use the hashtag #30m. For a tweet that vanishes after 12 hours, use #12h, and use #3d for one that is deleted after three days.


This is a great tool for anyone with an online shop who is looking to offer a discount code for a limit period — no need to remember to delete the original tweet once you have signed up with Spirit!

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