‘IE Privacy Keeper’ will Thoroughly Delete the Browsing History of IE and Firefox [Windows]

IE Privacy Keeper helps Windows users maintain their internet browsing privacy. Put in a simpler way, the application focuses on wiping internet browsing traces left as a result of using the native Windows browser, Internet Explorer. The latest version of the application supports cleaning the traces left by Mozilla Firefox, in addition to those of Internet Explorer.

Your first step in using the application is to download and install its setup file which is sized at nearly 1 MB. Once this step is complete, you can open the application. The first tab you will find is labeled Internet Explorer. This tab includes the specific things that you can clean out. The list of these things includes temporary internet files, web browsing history, auto complete values, typed in URLs in the address bar, browser cookies left by your site sessions, and your downloads folder.

IE Privacy Keeper 1

With the exception of the downloads folder, the app lets you specify exception for each type of cleaning. For example, you can keep selective entries and remove the remaining temporary internet files. The next tab, labeled Firefox, provides the user with the same options but for the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

As a bonus, in addition to helping you clean internet browsing traces, the app provides you with system cleanup options as well. The tab labeled System is when you can view and clean up overall system files. Areas that you can clean up include windows temporary files, windows open / save history, prefetch folder, run history, recent documents, search auto complete, recycle bin, start menu programs list, flash cookies, and the clipboard. The ‘Recent Files’ list in various installed application can also be easily cleaned out.

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IE Privacy Keeper 2

Various options provided by the application let you specify the app’s behavior. These options include keeping an error log, saving the latest log, deleting the files securely through multiple passes, adding a secure deletion option to the Windows context menu, and many more.

IE Privacy Keeper 3

With all your preferences set, you can proceed with the system cleanup by clicking the button labeled “Clean Up Now!” in the bottom left of the app’s main window. The cleanup progress and logs are displayed in a mini window.

IE Privacy Keeper 4

IE Privacy Keeper is a simple yet effective application. Its strength lies in its no-nonsense interface and how straightforwardly everything is presented. Many Windows users will appreciate this aspect of the application and benefit from the app’s many cleanup features.

You can get IE Privacy Keeper from this link.



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