Discover your serial numbers and product keys with Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder

When the time comes to reinstall Windows and other software you’ll need to track down your serial numbers and product keys. But the chances are that your emails containing this information cannot be found, and nor can the scribbled note you made of your license information. Never fear! Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder is here to help!

This is a free tool that can be used to extract serial numbers from the software you already have installed. It cannot be used to work out the serial numbers for applications you have not yet installed, and it cannot be used to pirate software — it exists purely to help to you to recover the codes you already have.

You can download the app and have it installed in a couple of minutes. During the installation you should take care to select the Custom option so you can opt to avoid the extra search tool that is bundled.

Once up and running, a list of supported apps software that you have installed will be shown to the left. Select a program from the list and the associated serial number will be displayed to the right for you to a make a note of.


A wonderfully handy tool that everyone should have available — you never know when you might need those codes!

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