Extract & Save Video from Any Browser Cache with Freeware VideoCacheView

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While surfing on web we may come across several websites, articles, tutorials and how to having video clips. Most of the time we play these types of video and then feel to download and save it on our hard drive for future reference or to view it offline.

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Once you have seen a video on any website it gets stored in your browser cache hence you don’t need to download video again but just recover from browser cache and save it on your computer. Here is one simple Freeware utility VideoCacheView 1.25 which lets you to extract and recover all video present in you Firefox and Internet Explorer browser cache.

VideoCacheView automatically scans the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox cache and extracts all the video currently available. It allows you to easily copy extracted video from browser cached into folder your choice. VideoCacheView also lets you to extracts flash videos form browser cache.

Screenshot of VideoCacheView 1.5


Download Freeware VideoCacheView 1.5 to Extract and Recover video from Browser Cache.

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8 thoughts on “Extract & Save Video from Any Browser Cache with Freeware VideoCacheView”

  1. Thanks a lot.
    It was just what i was looking for.
    Really usefull and full working.

  2. It works on one computer but not another both running xp. i couldn’t get the old videos out and it wouldn’t show the new cashe. But it worked well on my laptop.

  3. Very Very Very nice one…though mozilla is good internet explorer..they think that they are smart A$S holes…kick them..good work.

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