How to Split an Image into Small Tiles for a Mosaic Poster with ‘AndreaMosaic’ [Windows]

Large posters are often composed of individual ’tile’ posters that work together to form an overall mosaic of the large image. If you are trying to create similar tiles for a mosaic for one of your digital images, you should check out an app called AndreaMosaic.

AndreaMosaic is a free to use application that is compatible with computers which are running the Windows OS. The function of this application to help its users create tiles of regular digital images for the purpose of creating a large mosaic poster. You can print out the tiles of the image and put them together on a wall to make up the original image. What sets this app apart from similar ones is provided control over image quality, control over image size, and details of output stats in various units to users.

Your first step is to download and install the setup file of this application; the setup is sized at nearly 12 MB. Once the application is installed, you can open it and select the type of mosaic you want to create. The options provided actually are asking you for the aspect ratio of the tiles created. Choose whichever option will suit project.

AndreaMosaic 1

With the main application window open, you can add your original image into the application; keep in mind that the larger the image is in dimensions, the better the results are. Once your image has been added, a mosaic preview is generated for the image and shown to you.

AndreaMosaic 2

In the left pane of the app’s main window, there are controls that let you modify the mosaic tile creation settings. Here users can specify the page size of each tile, the mosaic resolution, the number of tiles, the shape / pattern of a tile, color change percentage in tiles, and the number of times that a tile can be duplicated.

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AndreaMosaic 3

The bottom pane displays the detailed output information of your tiles. By default, the information is shown using pixels as their units of measurement. But to get a better idea of how much space your individual tiles and overall mosaic will take up, you should change the units to inches or centimeters.

AndreaMosaic 4

With these settings done, you can go ahead and have the mosaic tiles generated in any folder of your preference. But you might want to tweak the output quality settings from the app’s quality preferences first.

AndreaMosaic 5

Using AndreaMosaic is easy and convenient. I could not recommend it more for any Windows user working on a large mosaic project. Give this app a try – you shall not be disappointed!

You can get AndreaMusic from this link.



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