Color Space: Find Colors in Google Chrome and Get Their RGB, HEX, and HSV Codes

Graphic designers and digital artists are always looking for easy-to-use tools to discover and use colors in their projects. Google Chrome users, for this task, have a very useful tool available to them: Color Space.

The first step in using Color Space is of course to install it. Right after you install this browser extension onto your Google Chrome, a new icon will be added to Chrome’s address bar along with a balloon notification for successful installation (see screenshot above).

Color Space 1

When the app’s icon is available, you can click it anytime to have the extension’s color selection tools drop down in a mini window. This mini window will appear where the icon is – in the top right corner of Google Chrome.

Color Space 2

There is a button labeled ‘Popup’ which enables you to split the extension’s controls from the main window and make them appear in a separate dedicated window for the app.

Color Space 3

Let us now move onto the ways in which you can find colors from Color Space:

Whenever you want to find a color, all you need to do is simply type in the color’s name in the top input field which is present in Color Space’s dropdown. Regardless of how “unheard of” you think a particular color is, you will definitely be surprised by the results displayed by Color Space. After you select a color, its color codes automatically appear in the relevant fields. Supported color codes that are displayed in the window include RGB, HSV, and HEX codes. These color code fields also enable you to find colors based on their codes. So in addition to typing out their name, you can find colors according to their codes as well.

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Two other methods are offered to quickly find the right color which you are looking for. Firstly, the up and down arrows present on the mini window let you switch between colors according to their shade. Depending on the arrow you click, the colors can become darker or lighter in shade. There is also a color spectrum to the right; click anywhere on the spectrum to have that particular color displayed.

Color Space 4

Your favorite colors from the application can be saved in the extension’s favorites. The list of favorite colors appears in the bottom pane of the extension’s window / dropdown. You can save up to 10 favorite colors at a time.

As you can see, using Color Space is quite easy. Finding and using colors from the extension’s menu could not be more straightforward. One feature that I would love to see in the extension’s future releases is the ability to detect a color which is clicked on a webpage. But even with this feature absent from the extension, graphic designers and digital artists will benefit greatly from this tool.

You can get Color Space by clicking this link.



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