Knew Tab: Gives you an Informative New Tab Page in Chrome

Previously I wrote about a task  management app which works with Chrome’s new tab page. Today I came with an another interesting extension for Chrome’s new tab page. It is called “Knew Tab”, which provides some information when you open a new tab in your browser. Few months before I wrote about a chrome extension with  similar functionality. It is called “New Tab Page” and it will look like iGoogle. It has a Google search bar, weather report and trending news updates.

Knew Tab will also have the same information but with more options. You can download this app from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you complete the installation, you are good to go. You don’t need to register or something. Open a new tab and you will see a black screen with time, weather, hot news, etc.


One of the interesting feature of this application is, all the apps you’ve installed in Chrome will be at the bottom of your window. So you won’t miss any of your apps on Google’s default new tab page. If you’ve logged into your Gmail account, you will get notifications for the new mails. Also you can log in to your Facebook account to get notifications and messages.


Click options on the right top corner, to customize the extension. You will get a pop up window as shown in the screen shot above. In that you have options to disable the modules you don’t need. Another important option is adding the stocks you need. It will be helpful to keep in touch with your stocks all the time. You can add any number of stock tickers to your new tab page. Then you’ve options to edit weather and source for the news displayed.

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It has an inbuilt notepad, which is very useful to quickly make a note of something you need. Notepad will be saved automatically, even if you close the tab, the content will be there when you open it again. Access all the installed apps and search in Chrome web store right from your new tab using options in the top of the window. You’ve a module called word of the day from which helps you to learn a new word everyday.


Instead of having an empty new tab page with the installed apps and extensions, Knew Tab will give more options and information on your browser. So try this extension in Chrome and  share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading,  do share this post with your friends.

Download Knew Tab  for Chrome



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