Best Megaphone Reviews from Amazon: Top 13 [Updated 2020]

Owning a megaphone helps provide powerful sound reinforcement. It can totally amplify the sound for your outdoor as well as indoor events. So, whether it’s a family event, rally or a congregation, having the best megaphone is essential. It projects sound really well. Some of the megaphones use a microphone to produce the sound while many others also record and play custom sounds. Choosing the right model, therefore, becomes important so you can be heard by everyone and it caters well to the needs of the event. Check out our best megaphone reviews (2020 updated list) to decide the right one for you.

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Best Megaphone Reviews from Amazon [Updated 2020]

Best Megaphone Reviews from Amazon
Our Rating
Pyle PMP67WLTB Waterproof Megaphone Bullhorn With Flashlight Review4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
ThunderPower 1200 Heavy Duty Megaphone Review4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Pyle PMP59IR (50-Watts) Megaphone PA Bullhorn Speaker Review3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Pyle PMP57LIA Siren Bullhorn (50-Watts) Review3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Sugar Home 20 Watt Portable Megaphone Review4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Knox Mini Handheld Megaphone Speaker Review4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Pyle PMP40 Megaphone Speaker Review3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Police Officer Child Megaphone Review3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
PYLE-PRO PMP43IN (40-Watts) Professional Megaphone/ Bullhorn Review4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Croove 30 Watt Powerful and Lightweight Megaphone Bullhorn With Siren Review4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
UZI-MP-204R Ultra Mini Megaphone (Rated 10W/ MAX 15W) Review3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
MyMealivos (50-Watts) Bullhorn Speaker Review3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Wembley Handheld Megaphone Loudspeaker Review4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

1. What Is A Megaphone?

At some time or the other, we have all kind of cupped our hands around the mouth to amplify our voice when shouting in a match or wanting the other person to hear us better in a crowded area. To your surprise, that’s your very own, in fact, a personalized megaphone.

According to the English dictionary, ‘megaphone is a piece of equipment that you speak through to make your voice louder when speaking to a crowd.’ The mechanism of this instrument makes sure that everyone hears you loud and clear without you having to excessively strain your vocal cords. Ever noticed how in movies, police people have a handheld cone-shaped device that amplifies their voice when they communicate from a distance or in public? That portable acoustic horn directs the voice in a particular direction for a better impact. That’s a megaphone or a bullhorn. In simple words, a megaphone is a public announcement system that amplifies what you speak and conveys your message to the audience.

2. How Do Megaphones Work?

How do megaphones work? It’s simple logic – the cone helps intensify the voice. There are a couple of more reasons as to how it works. But, let us first understand the basic mechanism.

The sound that comes from your mouth literally flows in all directions and only a part of it gets to the intended audience. So, the cone shape of a megaphone essentially works similar to the functioning of a funnel. It helps channelize your voice in a focused direction and towards your target. There’s less scattering and you don’t have to strain your lungs.

Not just that, the best megaphones also help increase the overall output volume. When you speak, sound waves suddenly move from a narrow space (your mouth) to a broader (open spaces) one. Some of the waves get back to the original source and this reduces the sound. So, how do sound waves work in megaphones? When you say something in a megaphone, the waves leave your mouth, travel the length of a megaphone’s cone and finally emerge in the end. This process leaves no scope for any waves to bounce back. Therefore, this kind of working increases the volume.

3. How To Use Megaphone?

Don’t fret! It is no rocket science but a simple megaphone. The package itself comes included with all the necessary instructions to start using a megaphone.

The simplest of all would be to charge the equipment or put in the compatible batteries. Turn it on from the On/Off switch and it is ready to be used. Well, if there are other features to look out for, make sure you check the user manual too. This enables better control as well as enhanced functionality.

Some of the product descriptions read megaphone while others mention a bullhorn. Do not get confused – these are both interchangeably used terms for the same kind of device. Some users prefer using a megaphone while others want to purchase a bullhorn. The latter is similar to a megaphone but is electronically operated. In fact, it’s much shorter in length to amplify the sound through the speakers but powerful too.

4. Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Megaphones – Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the best megaphones, there’s a lot to consider. However, the ultimate aim is to amplify your voice with the utmost ease. You want to be heard without having to scream on top of your lungs. Hence, just a little more research goes a much longer way. If you already know which one is suitable for you, bravo! But, if not, keep reading our best megaphones shopping guide (things to consider before buying the best megaphones). There are several different features to look out for. So, it’s always good to know what’s what!

Buying Guide For Best Megaphones (2020)

1. Construction quality

Considering the shape and structure of a megaphone is really important since that’s one of the foremost deciding factors. It tells you how convenient the device is going to be. The shape helps direct the sound waves in a particular direction. Preferably, search for models that are made of heavy-duty plastic since these are resistant to breakage and are assured of quality for prolonged periods.

2. Size & weight

This ensures that the megaphone you want to buy is travel-friendly or not. If most of the time you’ll be carrying the megaphone along with you, it’s wise enough to invest in the one that’s lightweight as well as compact but of course, doesn’t compromise on the performance and build quality.

3. Microphone

If you have to speak in front of an audience, eye to eye communication is important. So, what a lot of people prefer are detachable microphones since they don’t have to keep holding a foot-long object throughout the time. Simply clasp the mic, and you are good to go!

4. Battery or direct power?

Well, this is a feature totally up to you. Certain models come in with car chargers. So, even when you run out of batteries, the charging adaptors entirely eliminate battery operation. However, the other few megaphones enable greater convenience, for when you are on the go, cables aren’t that handy. Therefore, what enhances the functionality of your particular chosen model decides whether you want to go for something with batteries or without.

5. Siren

To purchase the right megaphone, this is an additional aspect to consider. Having a siren or some sort of a louder emergency sound effect is a handy feature when you immediately want to focus the crowd’s attention.

6. Wattage

Some of the best megaphones are ideally between the range of 30 and 50 watts. Higher the wattage, louder the system and greater the power consumption. So, it all goes hand in hand.

7. Distance

The rage or the distance a megaphone can cover is an important aspect to consider. To make sure your voice reaches every corner, get a megaphone accordingly. The coverage between 800 to 1200 yards is perfect.

8. Portability

Wrist wraps, shoulder straps or being lightweight makes the megaphone comfortable enough to be carried along. If it’s portable, it won’t feel like a liability.

9. Auxiliary input

Just in case you plan to use your megaphone as a speaker, a 3.5 mm audio jack support comes in handy. Some of the models even offer Bluetooth connectivity. Having said that, the sound quality might degrade a bit if the auxiliary input is in use. However, if this doesn’t worry you, go ahead!

10. Record & playback

This is a simple yet invaluable feature. Record once and repeat the speech any number of times – if that’s the purpose of using your megaphone.

11. Usage

This concerns whether you need a megaphone for outdoor use, indoors or maybe both. It helps you narrow down the search to a great extent. Once you understand the purpose of buying, it gets easier to pick the best megaphone from Amazon.

12. Megaphone/ Bullhorn?

Depending upon your personal requirements along with convenience, you’ll have to decide which one to go for – a bullhorn or megaphone. This again narrows your search.

13. Affordability

The best megaphones can start anywhere from $10 – $13 and go up to $60 – $100 or more. So, depending upon the features you require, you can carefully budget your purchase. And the most important thing – do not assume that cheaper can be worse and most expensive is better or vice-versa. Determine your needs beforehand and shop accordingly.

14. Ease of use

Well, if a megaphone isn’t easy to use and you have to literally spend days on understanding the mechanism – it’s really not worth your time. A megaphone that’s not just portable but also the user-friendliness of the model makes a lot of difference to make the functionality very much smooth.

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15. Other features

Amidst other key considerations, waterproofing, adjustable volume, shoulder/ wrist straps, bottle opener or LED flashlight, etc. are some extra features that certain manufacturers offer. So, if you’ve thought of it, the manufacturer too did.

Bonus Feature

Do not disregard how your chosen megaphone would look and feel when you hold it or would want to carry it around. It is you who decides what does best – a subtle looking megaphone for formal gatherings or something that’s bright enough to suit your parties.

Best Megaphone Reviews from Amazon [Updated 2020]

Each megaphone manufacturer is into designing and providing high-quality audio products that too at compelling prices. They aim to improve as well as enhance your life with practical solutions and leave a positive impression/ impact. The below mentioned top best megaphone reviews are of products currently available on Amazon with exciting deals and offers. These are also best rated in the year 2020. Each one is safe to use and long-lasting. So, choose wisely and according to your personal needs.

1. Pyle PMP67WLTB Waterproof Megaphone Bullhorn With Flashlight

As the name suggests, the Pyle PMP67WLTB megaphone is portable as well as waterproof equipment. This one tops our list of the best megaphone reviews. It is lightweight, battery operated and contains several high-end features at a somewhat affordable price.

What sets it apart from other such devices? Pyle PMP67WLTB is a bullhorn with a built-in flashlight as well as an emergency siren. It’s 40-Watts equipment that’s loud enough to intensify your voice even at open-air locations. To be precise, it can project sound up to 1000 square yards (130 dB). However, this one’s also suitable for indoor usage – all thanks to the volume control feature.

The device operates on rechargeable batteries (and an all-inclusive wall power adapter) to ensure portability. Its water-resistant quality guarantees suitability at pools or in tempests etc. The bullhorn weighs less than 3 pounds so you can easily carry it around.


  • Water-resistant
  • Powerful voice
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Adjustable volume
  • Compact
  • Outdoor/ indoor use
  • Cheaply built
  • Not so durable

Editor’s Note: The Pyle PMP67WLTB bullhorn is an on the go wireless voice amplifier. It’s an ideal choice for outdoor sports, cheerleading, public announcements, safety drills, etc. The siren is again handy for grabbing all the attention even in an emergency. Plus, you can also adjust the volume which is great customization. We really like how the equipment is compact but the durability is kind of compromised. The manufacturers could have offered a bit more sturdy material at the price being charged. Nonetheless, it comes with an LED flashlight for better control in darkness. And, the thing that it’s waterproof makes it worth purchasing despite a few things here and there.


2. ThunderPower 1200 Heavy Duty Megaphone

The brand name itself suggests what’s in store for you – manufacturer markets itself as a military crowd control audio system that is ideal for blasting sound. ThunderPower 1200 (Thun1200) is an extra loud bullhorn that comes with the loudness of 50-Watts power. It is amongst the loudest ever megaphones available out there. With a convenient and ergonomic design, this bullhorn can clearly be heard as far as 1200 yards. Not just the armed forces but this bullhorn can be used by school/ university teachers, political campaigner, coaches, cheerleaders or event organizers.

Despite such powerful specs, the bullhorn is absolutely lightweight and can easily be carried around without having to feel any weight. The build is sturdy enough to counter even severe weather conditions  It can also resist knocks, bangs along with other routinely wear and tear. It’s a battery-powered unit requiring 8 C-cell batteries that kind of adds onto the weight. So, the shoulder strap that’s included in the box comes in handy. Typically, the unit is built for shouting over the (military) tanks and it’s certified and tested to be used only in the USA.


  • Good quality
  • Extra loud
  • Volume controls
  • Auxiliary jack
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Expensive
  • Not compact

Editor’s Note: If you do not want to experiment or take a risk in buying the best megaphone, consider purchasing the ThunderPower 1200 Heavy Duty Megaphone. With 45-Watts of power, the sound, as well as the siren, are capable of turning all the heads around. You can also make use of the auxiliary jack for attaching an external audio source such as an MP3 player. The detachable microphone is a cherry on top beside the power plug that operates the equipment from your car’s cigarette lighter. The former helps you use the unit without any batteries. However, the functionality is equally great with batteries but these make the unit slightly heavier and also drain quicker. We felt the siren button is pretty close to the gripping handle which can accidentally activate the same. For details on pricing, availability and customer reviews, check out the product on Amazon.


3. Pyle PMP59IR (50-Watts) Megaphone PA Bullhorn Speaker

The Pyle PMP59IR bullhorn speaker is a lightweight 50-Watts rechargeable unit ideal for safety drill as well as for athletic grounds. Other than that, you can use this compact yet powerful unit at trade fairs, cheerleading activities, kids birthday parties, etc. It is made up of sturdy material that’s well suited for rugged use and resists bangs, knocks as well as accidental drops. The 50-Watts sound system has a far-reaching effect i.e. the bullhorn can be heard even from 1200 yards away. Sound quality is loud and clear. Plus, a 10-seconds recording feature is again handy for repetitional speech.

The conveying strap, handheld microphone, and the pistol grip handle add value to the money being spent. Volume control feature makes the bullhorn suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 3.5 mm audio jack gets you so much more out of this device. The powerful siren alerts and attracts the audience in a jiffy. At such an affordable price, you get a multifunctional, easy to use, powerful and a long-lasting bullhorn from Pyle – it is worth every penny.


  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight & portable
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • High-powered audio
  • Connects external devices
  • Triple modes – talk, record, and siren
  • Not waterproof
  • Battery problem

Editor’s Note: Being a flagship model, the Pyle PMP59IR bullhorn speaker is an absolute combination of power with price and portability. It is the #1 choice of even the US armed forces. The included batteries provide hassle-free functioning, however, they discharge real quick. You can plug-and-play external devices like iPhone, Android smartphones, iPad, MPR players, etc.for enhanced control over the audio output. 50-Watts of power can propel sound up to 3600 feet or 1200 yards. Moreover, with the 10-seconds integrated recording feature, you can replay the voice commands over and over. Although 10-seconds are a bit too less yet it’s convenient. Last but not least, it is amongst the best megaphones of 2020 that won’t disappoint you and prove to be a worthy investment.


4. Pyle PMP57LIA Siren Bullhorn (50-Watts)

The Pyle PMP59IR Megaphone comes with a nifty 50-Watts of power. Not just that, there’s an emergency siren along with a 10-seconds recording feature. This one’s again an Amazon Choice product with a 4-star rating. You get a handheld microphone to speak from, batteries are rechargeable (charger included) and a 3.5 mm auxiliary input enables the unit to function as a speaker. It’s an affordable purchase providing the high-power audio projection. The Pyle PMP59IR Megaphone is almost as powerful as the Thun1200. It comes with a standard 3.5mm auxiliary jack along with a USB port and SD card slot making it even more functional. So, you can play and repeat a custom recording, speak through the microphone or use the siren in case of emergencies.

It’s an ideal unit for fairs/ exhibitions, sports events, police activities, birthday parties, family get-togethers, cheerleading, fire emergencies and more. The handheld detachable microphone adds to the list of features. This way you point the megaphone in any direction and speak through the mic. Furthermore, the sturdy built quality is resistant to shocks, knocks, falls as well as accidental banging. Its size and weight are ideal to be able to carry it around even for extended periods. The unit is of professional quality, inexpensive and also has a premium finish.


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • USB & SD card ports
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Lightweight
  • Handheld mic
  • Volume controller
  • Super loud
  • Not waterproof
  • The battery doesn’t last long

Editor’s Note: With 50-Watts of rechargeable power, this unit too is powerful as its predecessors. Pyle is a promise for ergonomic construction along with ear-shattering loudness (of course not too literally). In fact, it’s a preferred model by the U.S. Service Personnel & Armed Forces. The unit keeps you on-the-go. It’s packed with power as well as style, durability, and multiple other functions. Moreover, the 1200 yards range is pretty massive under such an affordable price bracket. Voice controls make it operational both indoors as well as outdoors.


5. Sugar Home 20-Watts Portable Megaphone

The Sugar Home megaphone is a portable 20-Watts audio equipment well suited for sports events, cheerleading, parties, barbecues, photoshoots, neighbourhood, marketing activities, etc. Volume controls make it usable both outdoors as well as indoors. You can even use it under humid/ foggy weather conditions – talk mode and siren/ alarm are the ones you can choose from.

With a 4-star rating and being the #1 best seller (in cheerleading megaphone category) on Amazon, this one’s quite a casual-use megaphone. Look at the available colours, aren’t they just so gorgeous? Even the glossy finish of this megaphone is pleasing to the eyes. We’d say it looks like a dummy/ toy megaphone. The unit perfectly tolerates abrasions, falls, shocks, knocks, and bangs.

It’s a compact as well as a portable and durable device that allows easy handling. This means, the grip is nice and sturdy, plus, the handle is foldable. Siren mode is great in emergencies. The wattage is comparatively less yet the sound is crisp clear. Your target will listen to you and even the one on the farthest end will remain attentive.


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Volume controller
  • Shock-proof
  • Multiple colours
  • Inexpensive
  • Not waterproof
  • No 3.5 mm jack

Editor’s Note: We’d say this is a must-have product if you aren’t into anything major. The purpose of this megaphone intends on lighter usage providing 1/4th of the range. This equipment can also be gifted to kids over the age of 8-10 years or be used for entertainment/ hobby. A reviewer on Amazon also mentions how they’ve been using the Sugar Home 20-Watts megaphone for their 13-year-old partially deaf golden retriever. This shows the product is apt if you do not require something too loud since this one’s going to be a neutral tone audio device. The only thing unlikable about this product can be how the volume gets feeble when you use it at the highest. It’s not made for incredible voice output but the pricing is totally in terms with the features being offered.

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6. Knox Mini Handheld Megaphone Speaker

Well, this is a mini handheld PA bullhorn featuring a unique ergonomic grip handle as opposed to other pistol grip holders. The colour combination is also distinctive and the unit is absolutely lightweight for both outdoor as well as indoor use. You can carry it around with the conveying wrist strap. What sets it apart from other similar best megaphones/ bullhorns are the four operational modes available. These include a microphone, emergency siren, foghorn as well as a whistle making it even more versatile. These accommodate well to different circumstances. The design is compact, however, it is packed with a punch of incredible loudness. It is great for people on-the-go. The batteries run for 6 hours straight and you will not require plugging it in during any of your events. It is ideal to use at not just rallies or protests but also for school performances, at sports outings, in emergencies or for tour guides. The operational range is comparatively low but your voice can easily reach up to around 400 feet. All in all, it’s amongst the best megaphones to buy in the year 2020. And, when you purchase from Amazon, it’s even better. The Knox Gear mini megaphone comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty so you are assured of what you are getting.


  • Ultra-lightweight & compact
  • Volume controller
  • Great battery life
  • 4 modes available
  • Powerful sound
  • Not waterproof
  • No USB port

Editor’s Note: The most that we like about this unit is its comfortable grip which is quite unique. The ergonomic design is even better. It’s innovative and perfectly positions your fingers. Coming to the amplification of the sound, the Knox Mini Handheld Megaphone Speaker is pretty robust. It boosts your voice to the desired range. Even if you check the best megaphone reviews on Amazon, this product has 0 negative reviews – just positives. The only downside that can be observed is that the pitch gets a bit shrieky on the maximum volume. However, that is still tolerable and doesn’t really affect too much.


7. Pyle PMP40 Megaphone Speaker

The Pyle PMP40 Megaphone Speaker is a perfect choice for making public announcements. It comes with an adjustable volume feature that makes it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. You can easily project sound up to 800 yards. Even the built-in siren is convenient for safety drills etc. Teachers, instructors, cheerleaders, sports or event organizers, and more such people can also employ the device. Moreover, it’s made for use by the air force, navy, armed forces as well as marine personnel. The controls are easy to use so you can easily switch between the talk, siren, and on/off functions.

Comparatively, the megaphone has a greater reach and it comes at an affordable price. The unit is lightweight so it’s easy to carry around. The ergonomic design allows prolonged gripping. Even the conveying strap is a big advantage. 3.5 mm aux input increases its functionality and the microphone is detachable so you can use it on-the-go to ensure flexibility. It is battery-powered equipment that requires 6 D-cell batteries which aren’t included in the package (pay attention to the details since Amazon mentions 4 batteries and it requires 6). All in all, it is an incredible megaphone to have.


  • Lightweight
  • Long-range of voice
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Detachable handheld mic
  • Adjustable volume controls
  • Not waterproof
  • No USB port

Editor’s Note: Pyle is well-known for its megaphones and bullhorns. They bring out world-class and quality products that are within the reach of both commercial buyers and individuals. Talking of the Pyle PMP40 bullhorn, it’s a must-have when considering the best megaphones to buy from Amazon. With a 4-star rating and more than 300 reviews, this is an affordable device apt for just any kind of PA-related use. Voice talking as well as siren alert are the two available audio projection modes. It’s a battery-operated device that comes with 40-Watts of power and a wired (plug-in) handheld mic that can reach up to 800 yards. Despite an ergonomic design, the construction feels cheap and not so durable. Although Pyle mentions how this model is amongst the best-chosen megaphones by the US armed forces, we still feel it’s not that professional in terms of quality and range. It does the job fairly well but it’s suitable for football, basketball or hockey grounds.


8. Police Officer Child Megaphone

Educational toys are great for your kids to learn stuff better. They develop interest even towards things that are boring or conventional. Child megaphone is one such miniature model that will stimulate your child’s senses and mould their intellect. This Police Officer Child Megaphone by Dress Up America is a fully functional public announcement prop that’s ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor use.

It comes with a handheld microphone along with an attached shoulder strap. The material of the megaphone is safe to use (tested through US safety standards). It’s also light in weight for kids to carry around while playing. Plus, the equipment looks attractive to grab all that attention. Sound of the siren is really loud and it’s more of an outdoor toy. We felt the talkback kind of cracks the voice when on the highest volume. Even the battery compartment seems to be a bit fragile and kids can easily open it up. However, we’d suggest you to simply tape it up for extra precaution. Nevertheless, its affordability succumbs the features you get. And, the durability to is taken care of. So, all in all, your kids will surely love it!


  • Lightweight
  • Attached shoulder strap
  • Volume control options
  • Pretend-and-play for kids
  • Foldable handle
  • Great sound quality
  • Batteries not included
  • Not waterproof
  • Not too durable

Editor’s Note: To encourage creative role-play, the Police Officer Child Megaphone is a great accessory for your little cops. With over 500 positive reviews, it is multipurpose equipment that enables talkback along with emergency siren and volume control options. The foldable handle gives a perfect grip and the attached strap increases flexibility. The sound is super loud that it can literally shatter your ears (not literally). It’s fun for kids but can be annoying for adults! So, it’s better to let the kids play with it outdoors. Other than that, the microphone is great, straps can be worn around the neck or shoulder and the price it comes at is a steal considering that kids would hardly use it for just a few weeks or months.


9. Pyle-PRO PMP43IN (40-Watts) Professional Megaphone/ Bullhorn

Pyle-PRO PMP43IN is a professional grade 40-Watts PA bullhorn that covers around 1000 yards of a range. With adjustable volume controls, the unit is appropriate for both indoor as well as outdoor usage. Powerful wattage at such an affordable price range makes this Pyle megaphone suitable for baseball, football, cheerleading, and other such sports activities. The siren makes it great for safety drills and similar emergencies. All of the controls are present at the back of the device. It isn’t appropriate equipment for kids since the plastic may contain several chemicals harmful to them. So, if you want your kids to use this megaphone, make sure it’s under direct supervision.

Other than that, it is a lightweight unit, not even 3 pounds. It is battery operated and requires 4 D-cell batteries. The sound is clear, however, not too loud compared to other similar range devices. It may even distort on the highest volume. So, it is ideal for smaller venues and would be reliable for the same. We’d suggest you buying this megaphone if you do not want to invest in something hefty and expensive.


  • Pyle promise
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Connects external devices
  • Adjustable volume control
  • One-button activated siren
  • Ideal for smaller venues
  • Not for kids
  • Feels cheap

Editor’s Note: Basically, this one’s a minimalistic megaphone. It produces 40-Watts of sound that propels up to 1000 yards. The emergency siren has adjustable volume control and the device comes with certain custom sounds. What we don’t like about the product is how the wired microphone just keeps hanging around and there’s no provision to attach it or fit it somewhere on the bell itself. The plastic feels pretty cheap. However, you very much get what you pay for!


10. Croove 30 Watt Powerful and Lightweight Megaphone Bullhorn With Siren

The Croove handheld bullhorn is 30-Watts powerful equipment. It is capable of covering a range as far as 800 yards. Amongst the best megaphones to buy are not only those high-end expensive units but also the ones like this Croove bullhorn. It is small-sized but highly efficient as well as multipurpose. This portable bullhorn can be employed for school/ college assemblies, fairs/ exhibitions, law enforcement, political protests or by fire departments, event managers, rescue teams, etc. The Croove’s bullhorn is in use all over the world and it’s a highly recommended choice. It produces crystal clear sound, has a compact design and it comes pre-assembled.

For even more convenience, the Croove bullhorn comes along a carrying shoulder/ wrist strap so you grip it strongly. There’s a foldable handle that isn’t shaky at all. It stays right in place when in use. The equipment runs on 4 D-cell batteries (not included) and it’s an energy-efficient model. This is a complete package. The bullhorn has a pretty friendly as well as an easily accessible control panel. Built-in siren with adjustable volume control as well as other special sounds is add on features. And, being an Amazon Choice product makes it one of the top preferred models.


  • Lightweight & portable
  • Powerful voice
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Special sound effects
  • Affordable
  • Battery compartment problems
  • Smaller than expected

Editor’s Note: The 30-Watts Croove handheld bullhorn is a mighty product that effortlessly gets your message across. It’s not a deal-breaker and has a few design flaws, yet it’s ranked amongst the best megaphones to buy on Amazon for the year 2020. It is easy to use, has a comfortable grip, powerful specs as well as a durable built. This particular model isn’t waterproof which can be a bit dicey to be used in the outdoors. But, having an incredibly useful bullhorn at such an inexpensive price makes it worth considering. The coverage range is impressive and the charming built-in sounds can be used anytime. So, we totally recommend using it.


11. UZI-MP-204R Ultra Mini Megaphone (Rated 10W/ MAX 15W)

UZI Tactical Gear products are combined with advanced technical concepts to produce supreme quality handcuffs, batons, leg irons, metal detectors and more. In short, it brings out innovative designs as well as affordable and trusted items useful to the Special Forces, Army, and the Secret Services personnel. However, UZI also has a range of premium grade consumer electronics such as megaphones/ bullhorns for both commercials along with personal use. Therefore, to buy the best mini megaphones amongst all of that’s available online, try the UZI Ultra Mini Megaphone which isn’t just affordable but also has a comparatively lower wattage. But, do not go on its price, this equipment is crafted with the highest quality material to provide long-lasting performance. It is durable and has features similar to some of the high-end models.

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The UZI-MP-204R is a 10-Watts megaphone that can propel 15-Watts of power maximum. It is battery operated and requires 4 C-cell batteries. The bonus features include an LED light indicator, built-in microphone, record and playback button along with a powerful siren as well as a wrist strap. Despite the quality assurance, we feel it might not last for too long or for prolonged rugged use. Not just that, it also tends to somewhat change the pitch when using on a higher volume setting. Other than that, it’s fun to use and a must-have.


  • Recording/ playback options
  • Adjustable volume
  • LED light indicator
  • Great sound quality
  • Foldable handle
  • Wrist strap
  • Professional quality
  • Sound distortion

Editor’s Note: Although we felt the sound isn’t loud enough and it even cracks when at the loudest, you can easily address around 200 people outdoors with utmost clarity. However, it’s more of an indoor use device since the sound outside can either scatter easily or not reach all the corners. And, when not in use, fold away the handle and store it easily in any bag or just like that. The siren is loud enough, recording prevents getting tired with repeated playback and the wrist strap allows you to carry the device around with absolute ease. One of the users even mentioned on Amazon how he uses the device as an indication to call his dogs for food.


12. MyMealivos (50-Watts) Bullhorn Speaker

MyMealivos megaphone is a 50-Watts mid-ranged PA system that can effortlessly propel sound up to 1200 yards. What sets it apart is the ABS aviation material making it suitable for both indoor as well as rugged outdoor use. With such a dynamic power supply, good looks, a detachable microphone along with an emergency siren, the search for the best megaphones to buy ends here. Additional features include a 3.5 mm audio jack, conveying strap, SD card reader, car jack, and USB flash drive support increasing the device’s convenience.

The MyMealivos bullhorn is a professional grade unit that also allows 15-seconds of sound recording as opposed to several high-end models with just 10-seconds of playback. It supports multiple audio input options and comes with a detachable microphone which again has quite a few controls so you do not have to keep holding the cone.  Just keep the bullhorn at one place and release the wired mic to speak through it. Even the microphone contains all the necessary buttons to operate the device. The rechargeable batteries last up to 8-10 hours in a single charge. You can also put in 8 C-type batteries. Both ways, it is operational.


  • Lightweight
  • USB, aux & SD card port
  • Record and play audio feature
  • Variable volume control
  • Detachable microphone
  • Not waterproof
  • Overpriced

Editor’s Note: The MyMealivos bullhorn speaker allows dissipating sound in all directions so the crowd can hear you from every corner. It’s a fantastic choice considering how lightweight, easy to use and portable it is! It might not be convenient on the pocket, however, all the features make it easy otherwise. Talk, record and siren modes make it super functional. Despite excellent features, this megaphone invites mixed reviews on Amazon. Some people love it while others do not. What we felt is this one’s somewhat a basic product and also overpriced. But, if that’s not irksome, it is one of the best megaphones to buy in the year 2020.  You can use it just the way you want and it’ll be a great addition. Just go through the instructions manual to ensure you get it all right!


13. Wembley Handheld Megaphone Loudspeaker

Similar to the Sugar Home 20-Watts megaphone, Wembley handheld megaphone is also a pretty-looking and affordable PA unit. Navy blue, neon pink, and neon green colours are ideal for those informal occasions though it also performs exceptionally well in formal situations. The equipment is battery-powered and is a great addition for sports fans due to several reasons. It is portable, easy to carry around, has an incredible loudspeaker and to your surprise, it also comes with a handy bottle opener. It is loud enough to work better than even the 911 emergency siren.

Despite being much cheaper than other available devices on Amazon, this is the preferred choice by so many. It is light in weight and can communicate the message over at least 800 yards. The foldable handle makes it convenient to store the unit. And, the hand strap secures the unit when you walk around carrying the same. It can also prevent accidental drops. Fully adjustable volume controls come in handy to go from subtle to loud and the loudest in just a jiffy – it works both with the siren as well as the voice feature. When you check out the details on Amazon, the Wembley handheld megaphone has absolutely no negative reviews which makes it one of the best megaphones to buy for the year 2020.


  • Foldable handle and wrist strap
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Automatic super loud emergency siren
  • Fully adjustable volume
  • Multiple colours
  • Not waterproof
  • No audio jack
  • Batteries not included

Editor’s Note: Although this voice amplifier is a budgeted one, it’s efficient enough to grab all the eyeballs. Use it for sports activities, the built-in bottle opener gives an edge to the functionality. It is, in fact, a basic megaphone which even kids can use without having to worry about any harm. The device is made up of high-grade plastic, it isn’t too big to hold and the sound travels considerably louder. It won’t be an unseemly purchase. But, it is always better to responsibly use a megaphone/ bullhorn and not create havoc. Switch on the siren in emergencies or to warn of real dangers.


5. Top Best Megaphone Brands to Buy

There are hundreds of PA sound systems available out there. But, how would you know which one to go for? Which are the top best megaphones to buy? Should you choose online shopping or simply go and buy them offline? We have all your queries sorted – check out our FAQs after this section. But, if you are still initially stuck with which brand to choose, here’s a super-quick and reliable list.

These are amongst the most trusted megaphone brands. Check out the best megaphone reviews (2020) on Amazon and you’ll know what all brands are into the business. Till then, these are the ones (without any particular order) you can totally go for…

  • Pyle
  • ThunderPower
  • Sugar Home
  • Knox
  • Croove
  • UZI
  • MyMealivos

Once you know what all features to look for, it gets easier to pick the brand as well as the product. But if you aren’t sure, go through our Megaphone Buying Guide to understand your needs. Also, these best megaphone reviews of 2020 will further guide you into taking the right decision.

6. Best Megaphone Reviews: FAQs

To know which are the best megaphones to buy, we understand there could be tons of questions encircling your mind. But, even after going through the best megaphone reviews, you still have any questions, we hope this FAQ section would answer them all.

Q1. When do you need a megaphone?

You need to have the best megaphone if in case you want to grab a larger audience’s attention. It can also be used at family gatherings, a rally, for policing and other such public activities.

Q2. Why is a megaphone funnel-shaped?

The shape of a funnel helps direct the sound in an outward direction towards reducing scattering and reaching the target in a better way. Basically, the shape makes the sound more directional.

Q3. Which is the best brand?

The ones we’ve mentioned above in section no. 5 are the top most brands and also the trusted names in this particular area of expertise. These companies offer you ensured durability along with high performance as well as excellent quality products.

Q4. Difference between bullhorn and megaphone?

When talking about a device that can help amplify your voice over extensive distances, megaphones and bullhorns come in handy. These are basically two different types of sound devices that are similar in terms of a few features yet differ in many ways. The most essential difference is – Bullhorns are much smaller and electronic cone-shaped acoustics whereas megaphones are handheld models with conveying straps. The terms are interchangeably used. However, technically speaking, a bullhorn is just a high powered megaphone.

Q5. Number of decibels (dB) to consider?

Well, there’s a rule of thumb to follow for such devices – more the decibel, higher the sound. In fact, megaphones double up every 10 decibels of natural sound i.e. tone of 50 will produce a 500 dB output.

(Image Courtesy: Thunderpower Megaphones)

Q6. How loud can it get?

As mentioned above, the natural sound doubles up to make the produced sound even louder. Certain models can get as loud as 100 dB which is suitable if you have to carry a megaphone to an outdoor event or at a rally where there’s a massive crowd. The rest is up to you what decibels you would like to choose.

Q7. Is it legal to use a megaphone?

There aren’t any specific rules concerning the usage of a megaphone in public places. However, a loud hailer when used at a private land might require the permission of the owner. If engaged in a peaceful manner, you won’t run into any kind of issues. But, before carrying out any such activity, check out the local noise ordinances to see if there’s any prohibition on the use of amplified sound.

In other words, you just need to be considerate of the environment you’re using the megaphone at. It should not affect the people around.

Q8. When to use a megaphone?

The sole purpose of having the best megaphone is to be able to announce the things on your mind. We have all seen how police communicate with a megaphone but what are the other ways to use one? You can primarily use a megaphone for the following jobs/ activities:

  • Family/ political gatherings
  • Group coaching
  • Protesting
  • Lifeguarding
  • Leading sports activities
  • Camping
  • Boating
  • Music fest
  • School/ college excursions
  • Mountaineering expeditions

The truth is, wherever you want to be heard (ideally in larger crowds), is a place to use a megaphone. But since there are so many other uses as well, find your purpose of having a megaphone and shop accordingly.

Q9. How much will a megaphone cost?

The prices vary depending upon what you seek to purchase. Inexpensive models with comparatively fewer features and a limited range can cost you between $10 and $30. Mid-ranged models can be priced between $30 and $60. However, top-notch models with features such as vast broadcast range, siren, recording, handheld mic, etc. may start from $60 – $70 and can be as high as $100 or more.

7. Final Words…

When your natural voice has its own limitations of distance as well as loudness, a megaphone is what you can use. The device comes in really handy when you’ve to attend and speak at rallies, march/ protest, sports events, a drill or any other formal/ informal gathering. Projecting sound is your ultimate aim. And for this, you’ll have to pass your message in a clear manner. So, addressing larger audiences is easy with a megaphone.

According to our research and analysis, Pyle megaphones are amongst the top picks. For instance, the Pyle PMP59IR or the Pyle PMP57LIA 50-Watts megaphones or bullhorns are superb. These are handheld as well as professional-grade PA systems. But, if you choose to use something basic yet competent then try the Sugar Home portable 20-Watts bullhorn. Another great choice is the Croove 30-Watts bullhorn or the Police Officer megaphone specifically made for kids. From children to hobbyists and professionals, our list has everything for everyone. These are all affordable options along with being feature-rich and easy to use. Fortunately, you will not have to spend a lot of time researching these products. We’ve accumulated a list of the top best megaphones to buy. You simply have to navigate through the article and choose the suitable one.

Follow the above-detailed megaphone reviews (2020). We have a list of both cheap as well as expensive models – these are durable, powerful along with well-engineered design. You won’t be disappointed since these best megaphones (updated list of 2020) available on Amazon are a worthy investment. Your audience will thank you!



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