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You often end up on websites with font styles that are no less than a torture for your eyes. You do have the option to close the tab and find any similar site, however, it’s not that simple. In case you don’t, the only option you have is to torture yourself and read what the article is all about. If you are a Google Chrome user, you have another option. You can change the font of the website you are browsing using a simple extension — Font Changer– even if you are not the owner of the website.

Font Changer is a very nifty little extension for Google Chrome that lets you customize the font styles of any web page in Google Chrome. The extension comes with hundreds of fonts that can be applied to any website. You can also browse the massive library of Google Web Fonts and add it to your collection so that you can apply them. You can also change the font style (italic, oblique, etc), font weight and the font size.

Font Changer

Once installed, the extension adds a new icon in your extensions area. All you have to do is visit the website where you want to apply a new font, click on the extension icon and select the font. You can also customize other options to make the font stand out, for instance, by changing the font size so it’s easier to read. After applying the font, you don’t have to refresh the tab; the page will be rendered automatically after you click on “Done”. You can also apply a font to every website you visit – just select Global settings from the drop-down menu and select the font. To revert back to the default settings, simply select “No Settings” from the drop-down menu.

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Font Changer Chrome

To use any Google Web Font, click on the “?” icon right next to fonts and it will redirect you to Google Web Fonts. You can browse the never ending library of fonts and add your favorite fonts to collection. Later, the added font will appear in the list of fonts and you can apply it to any website you want.

Font Changer is a very useful extension for Google Chrome; it can come in handy in many situations. The extension is only available for Google Chrome and can be downloaded from the link given below. Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried Font Changer for Google Chrome.

Download Font Changer [Chrome Web Store]



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