Encrypt All your Gmail Messages using this Chrome Extension

Since everything has become online, you need to depend on Internet for most of your daily activities. In internet, the only thing which people concerned about is the privacy and security. Though we have advanced browsers and secured networks, still there is a violation in privacy due to mistakes from user side as well as the developers. That’s why we have security applications to protect us from malicious links and viruses. Not only the hackers, today even Government agencies has started tracking you on the web. So today I came with one such application for Chrome, which is developed for Gmail users to protect their messages from others.


“Secure Gmail” is the extension for Chrome, which stops tracking your mails from the preying eyes on the Internet. You can download this extension from Chrome web store using the link below. Secure Gmail is an open source application, which uses Symmetric Encryption to encrypt and decrypt your Gmail messages. Understanding this application is very simple. You don’t have to do any complex things to encrypt your messages. Just a click and a password is enough. Once you install the extension you will see a lock icon along with the compose button in your Gmail account as shown in the screenshot above.


To normally write a mail, use the default compose option. To send a secured message, click that lock icon and you will get a secured  new message window as show in the screenshot above. Rest of things in writing your email is as usual. After completing your email and once you click the send button, you will see a pop-up on your screen as shown in the screenshot below. In that you have to enter the password to decrypt the message. If you want, you can give a password hint for the receiver. After sending the message you can give the password to the receiver at the other end to decrpyt the message.

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The encrypted message will look as shown in the screenshot below and the password hint you’ve sent will be available on the subject. Click the “Decrypt Message with Password” link on the top to enter the password and see the original message.


It is a great application to secure your Gmail messages, especially who share a lot of transaction based details on their Gmail should have this extension. It is very simple to use and understand. So try this app on your Chrome browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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