6 Handy Android Web Browsers Every Users Should Try

If you have an Android device and use the default browser on Android regularly, you will see that the browser is more than sufficient for every task. However, if you think the browser is lacking or if you just need to try something new for a change, checks out the following web browsers for Android

Dolphin Browser

The Dolphin Browser for Android is a great browser if you are looking for some change and a browser that has some nifty helpful features inside it.

The Dolphin Browser is one of the first Android browsers to make use of your speech to make search on the Internet, share on your favorite social networking website and bookmarking your favorite website with its unique Sonar feature.

Use personal customized gestures to access the mobile and desktop website you use the most. Also, make use of the 60+ add-ons for Dolphin Browsers to make your browsing even much more interesting and fun.


The SkyFire browser for Android is a known browser for many operating systems including iOS and Windows Phone. The Android version of the browser is no less special and unique.

Just like the other versions, use the in-built social networking website share buttons to like or tweet the current page. Play thousands of Flash based videos that before did not play on your mobile device with SkyFire’s special “Video” feature.

The SkyFire Facebook Quickview feature keeps your Facebook account loaded in the cloud for easy, one-touch access to your news feed, profile, wall, inbox and places.

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Opera Mini

The Opera Mini browser for Android is known for its fast speed and lightweight load that it puts on your mobile phone.

Use the “Speed Dial” feature to keep a tab of all your favorite websites in one place and access them with the touch of a button.

Opera Mini is most helpful when you are away from a WiFi networking and make use of GPRS; Opera Mini reduces data cost by 90% with its unique compression technology.


The Firefox browser for Android is made by Mozilla and is one of the most popular and well-known browsers for Android due to its computer counterpart which is used by millions of people.

The Firefox browser can be synced easily to access your browser history, bookmarks, passwords and open-tabs from any devices.

The add-ons for Firefox make it easy and interesting for the user to surf the Internet. Use the Personas to customize the way your Firefox for Android looks.


The Maxthon browser for Android is a fast and secure browser for the Android OS. Use the “Sync to Cloud” feature to save your bookmarks/favorites on the cloud and access them whenever you are away from home, or when travelling.

Use the Full Screen mode to browse the Internet easily and increase readability of text found on Internet websites. The add-ons allow you to take your browsing experience to a new level, a few add-ons include, Advanced Gesture, RSS Reader, Screenshot Assistant and more.

xScope Browser

The xScope Browser for Android is one of the fastest ways for you to get up and surfing online on the Internet. The browser has a built from scratch, clean and minimalistic layout that makes user experience more fun and appealing.

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3-way gestures allow users to perform different tasks on the browser such as zooming in on page and more.  Just like SkyFire browser, the xScope Browser supports Flash videos and allows users to download most audio, video and document files from online.

There you have it folks – some great six web browsers for Android that you can use if you want a change from the default Android browser or if you are looking for some interesting features not commonly found in the default Android OS browser.



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