FORCEdraft Helps you Focus on your Writing Until you Complete it

People who work online for a long time, will easily get distracted by social networks and other entertainment sites. Especially writers and other creative workers need a distraction free environment to improve their flow and productivity. There are plenty of browser extensions, web apps and desktop applications are available to create a distraction free environment and to block the unwanted apps and websites on your PC. FORCEdraft is one such application for Windows, which lets you focus on your writing until you complete it.  Here’s how it works.


As of now FORCEdraft is available only for Windows and you can download the app using the link below. It is a portable application, so you don’t need to install it in your PC. As soon as you open the app, you will see a window as shown in the screenshot above. Based on three conditions, you can block the other apps on your PC for a limited amount of time. Either you can set a timer or set a word count to complete the document. In the meantime, you cannot access any installed applications in your PC, including the browsers.


If you want to manually control the app, you can choose the third option, to close the app whenever you want. After you set your goal, Click the “Start Writing” button to proceed further. The text editor will open in a full screen as shown in the screenshot above. Once it is opened, it will not let you out until you reach your goal. The document will be auto saved every twenty seconds by default and it supports only “.txt” format. The copy, paste shortcuts will be disabled to avoid cheating, when you set your goal to write a certain amount of words in your document.

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FORCEdraft has both free and premium versions. Free version contains all the above mentioned features and pro version has three more add-on features. You have, four different themes for the text editor and there will be a status bar which displays system time, battery status and word count of your document. Also, you can enable (or) disable the backspace key and the Copy/Paste function in the application. If you are lacking focus on your writing and want to improve your productivity, FORCEdraft will be a best option to do it. Share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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