Noisli: A Web App Which Provides Pleasant Noises To Stay Focused On Your Work

People who work in computers all the day will get distracted or will get bored after some hours. That’s why we have plenty of browser extensions, web apps and PC tools are available to stay focused. Previously I wrote about a chrome extension to focus on a particular tab in your browser and a web app to relax and stay focused during the work. Today I came with a similar app called “Noisli”, which is quite different from others helps you stay focus on your work.


Noisli is a background noise making web application. When you are working instead of being completely calm it’s good to have some pleasant noise around you. Nosili helps you with that. You don’t need to sign up or register with any social accounts for using the application. Just go to  the website, there will be list of different noises, select one from the list, sit back and focus on your work. Even if you want to spend some time alone and relax, you can turn these noises on and relax in the middle of your work.


It has more than ten different noises like rain, thunder, wind, fire, etc. You can turn them on by just clicking the one you need. Another important feature of this application is, you can also combine two or three noises from the list according to  your mood. For instance, you can combine rain, thunder and wind to have a real effect of rain around you. If you are bored of all these natural sounds, you can choose complete noises like white, pink and brown from the list. These noises are similar to the one which we hear in radio when the station is not available.

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While selecting different noises, color of the background will change accordingly. The app takes a very little memory and bandwidth on your browser, so it’s pretty comfortable to use. A little background noise, will help you to get rid of other distractions and concentrate on your work. When it is totally calm, either we will get distracted by web apps like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook ,etc., or we will feel sleepy. It’s just a small support to help you focused on the work for a long time.


Another excellent feature in this application is, there is an inbuilt text editor. If you are writer, you can choose noises and start writing from there. The background will be changing automatically, so it will be a great platform to focus on writing. After completing it, you can save that as a text file in your computer. Try this web app and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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