Editorially: A New Web App to Make Collaborative Writing Easy

Writers always need a distraction free environment to bring the best out of them. In online there are plenty of web applications available exclusively for writers. Few weeks before I wrote about a chrome extension for offline writing  and best web apps for writers. Today I came with a new web app called “Editorially”, which is quite different from all the other text editing web applications. It is one of the best text editors I’ve ever seen.


The interface of the application is very simple and easy to understand. You need to sign up before start using the application. Once you complete the registration, you can see an introduction video and you will be redirected to the dashboard of the application. Click the “New document” button to start writing.  Inside the editor, all options will be available on the top menu bar. The first editorially icon will have all the important options of the app.


To return home, to edit your account, to create a new document, etc., just click the Editorially icon and you will see the options. An important option in that list is, the Cheat Sheet. It contains all the formatting codes for the editor. To create headings, bold, italic and much more formatting option codes will be available in the Cheat Sheet. Next to that you can see the “Revisions” icon, which will look like an analog clock. Click that to see all the saved revisions of your document. Editorially will auto save the documents, so if you have lost connection while editing, you can see the revisions to restore it.

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The most important feature of the application is the Collaborations. In the right top corner, you can see three different icons. They are Collaborations, Activity and Discussions. In Collaborations, you can invite and add people to review and manage your documents. Activity section will keep a log of all your actions related to the document. In the discussions section, you can select a text in the document and start discussions with your team members. Invite any number of people from Collaborative section and choose their role to join in the discussion.


In the top center of the screen, you can see the settings. In settings you have export and delete options. You can easily export that document as a HTML file, which will download in a compressed ZIP format. Also you can see the number of words and characters in the document. Near to Settings, it will display the  revisions of your document.



The font and layout of the application, looks simply great. It gives a distraction free place to a writer to improve his productivity. So, if you are looking for a good text editors online, Editorially is a best choice. Try this and let us know what do you like most about this application. Thanks for reading, do share this article with your friends.

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