5 Best Browser Extensions To Avoid Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Sometimes, the default spell checker in browser won’t be enough when we are writing a long note or an article. Also it checks only the spelling, not the grammar. If we make a mistake, it will sound awkward to the readers. So having a good grammar and spell checking extension in your browser is mandatory. Today I came with some of the best Grammar and Spell checking extensions for Chrome. Once you install the extension, wherever it founds a text editor, it will automatically sync and point out the mistakes. Let’s have a look at those extensions below.



Ginger is one of the popular Grammar and Spell checking application for various platforms. It is available for all the leading browsers and word processors. Once you install the application, it will automatically sync with your text editors and show you the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You can make the extension to proofread your writing once you complete it. Also it lets you correct the mistake then and there by showing errors with a blue highlight. All you have to do is, just hover over the word and correct the mistakes.


Grammarly Lite

Grammarly is yet another famous Grammar and Spell checking extension for browsers and text editors. It lets you check the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes in your text. It perfectly syncs with all your web applications, whether you are writing an email or chatting with your friends, Grammarly will show you the suggestions to correct your mistakes. Also it has an inbuilt dictionary and thesaurus, which helps you to select any word on your text and find the meaning or look for the synonyms. It gives a great platform to improve your writing skills.

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After the Deadline

After the deadline was first introduced in Firefox and become a huge hit. Now it is available for Chrome users to check Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation errors in their text. After installing the extension, you can see an “ABC” icon in the right bottom corner of your text editor window.  once you complete writing click that to proof read your text. It will highlight all the errors in red and hover over your mouse to get suggestions for correcting the mistakes. Just like other apps, it will sync with all your text editors on the browser.

after the deadline

Spell checker for Chrome

It is a complete Spell Checking tool for Chrome. It supports more than 12 languages and lets you correct the spelling mistakes. While correcting the words, you an add your own words to the dictionary. Using the app, you can save the writing sessions and restore them at any time you need. If the text editor you are using don’t have a save option, you can use this extension to save your text. It has “Custom Shortcuts” option to add shortcuts for the frequently used  actions or words in your text.

spell checker for chrome

Grammar base

Grammar Base is yet another Grammar and Spell checking tool for Chrome. The unique feature of this extension is, it will suggest you a writing style based on your sentence formation. By analyzing your text, it will show you the word choices and will tell you how the sentence can be framed. It syncs with your email, social apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and show errors while you comment, tweet and update status. The Grammar base icon will be availabe on the URL bar and it will be running  in the background to point out your grammatical errors.

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These are five best grammar and spell cheking chrome extensions to improve your writing skills. If you are writer, then one of these apps is a must have extension in your browser. So, try your favorite extension and share your experience with us in the comments.



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