5 Best Web Apps for Writers to Improve their Productivity

The Job of a writer never gets easy. Writing without distractions is really a big task. The social networks and the video sharing sites are the biggest point of distractions for people work online. There are plenty of web applications available to block entertainment websites for a period of time and give a distraction free environment. So today we are going to have a look at the web apps which helps writers to improve their productivity. Also using these applications will change the way you work and gives more efficiency than you normally do. Let’s have a look at the applications below.


Writing is all about the outcome and presentation of your creative ideas. Our mind will not hold those ideas for a long time, it pops out and vanishes quickly. So to harvest your ideas then and there, we have an application called “Wridea”, where you can make a note of your ideas with the help of brain storming tools available. You can create new ideas, share them and discuss with your friends. If you are working on a group, you can create separate groups for different topics. This will increase your writing skill as well as your productivity.


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Reading other author’s books and articles is important for all the writers but most of the time we will find an important article and we don’t have time to read. Pocket (formerly known as read it later) is a web application, which helps to save the articles you browse online. While you browse on the Internet, if you find an interesting article and you want to take some time to read it, just sign into your pocket app and save the web pages. One of the important advantage of Pocket application is, you can sync the web pages between all your iOS and Android devices. So if you save a web page to any of your devices or computers, you can read that on whichever device you want.

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Grammar is a primary thing for an article. Even sometimes an experienced writer can make grammatical errors when he is in a hurry to finish an article. Not only the grammar, also spelling mistakes and some odd sentence formations. In order to avoid these things we have an online application called Grammarly, which helps writers to find all types of errors while you are writing an article. This will automatically spot your mistakes and it works with both online and desktop applications. All you need to do is just sign up and connect to the Internet while you are writing the article.


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A simple image editor is necessary for all the writers. The Aviary is a one such simple image editing application which comes with lots of customizable options. It is available as a web app also it can be used in iOS and Android devices. Aviary also gives an option to embed its image editor into your website. Using this simple image editor you can edit brightness, contrast and crop images quickly. Not only this, you have plenty of options to enhance and edit your images.  The Aviary is available as an extension for all the leading browsers. So wherever you go, you can easily sync the images.


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The Story Starter

Many writers would have experienced this trouble in starting the passage. They won’t get a clear idea and sometimes get struck while starting a passage. Especially for newbies, starting a passage with the right sentence formation is quite hard. For those people we have a web application called “The Story Starter” which has millions of starting line samples on their website. You don’t need to sign up or pay for this, just go to the website, generate random starting passages until you get satisfied and use that in your article. This web app will be very helpful for short story writers, novelists, etc.

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These are the five best web applications for writers to improve their productivity. If I have missed any of your favorite apps please let me know and don’t forget to try these apps and share your experience with us in the comments.



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