The Many Windows 8.1 Touch Keyboards

Just yesterday we took a look at a new way of getting the mouse pad onto the screen in Windows 8 and 8.1, but we kind of ignored the keyboard, which actually comes as part of the operating system. It seems simple enough, but there are actually a number of options for altering it, if you aren’t satisfied with the default.

From the start, the touch keyboard looks pretty much the same as the physical one that you’re likely using right this very moment. But it has built-in options.

on-screen keyboard

You’ll find a button (it resembles the keyboard) at the bottom right. It’s just next to the right of the > button, as you can see in the above image. Click on it and you’ll find several alternative choices.


Here are your choices — a much divided version, that resembles something like an ergonomic keyboard, many versions of which can be found on today’s market.

The third is designed for stylus use, letting you physically write on the screen, though it still contains several necessary options. These include tab, enter, space and numbers, among others. Windows will do an excellent job of recognizing your handwriting, though it isn’t perfect, so try not to be too sloppy when using this.


The fourth, and final, button simply closes the keyboard, though you can also accomplish this by simply clicking the “X” at the top right side.


We’re all used to picking the keyboard we want, thanks to Android and iOS, but when on the computer, it feels a bit different. Thankfully, Windows makes this a bit easier, allowing for some options within its latest operating system.

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